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Award-Winning Otus Offers an All-In-One Solution to Drive Student Success


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There is certainly no shortage of data for schools, but Otus empowers educators to curate this data to help every student reach their full potential through an all-in-one platform with integrated tools to gather, visualize, and act on student growth data. 

Otus, a recent winner of the Tech & Learning Best for Back to School Award, makes every step of the learning process more efficient for teachers, administrators, students, and families by integrating:

  • Grading: Customize grading scales and view performance by various calculations. Track the performance of individual students on each standard over time. Navigate between points and standards for flexibility. 
  • Assessment: Utilize thousands of premade questions and ready-to-use assessments from top curriculum providers aligned to standards. Use built-in AI to generate custom auto-grading assessments. 
  • Progress Monitoring: Set milestones that guide students toward academic, behavioral, and social-emotional goals. See the whole child and make data-informed decisions that support student goals. 
  • Data: Easily import and compare data from benchmark and third-party assessments. Define custom criteria using behavior, performance, and demographic data. Discover trends in student populations.

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