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Originally published November 2023

There is a reader in every child—they simply have to find the right book! Reading is an important part of a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. Within the pages of books lie new and exciting worlds, places where kids can have unique experiences and develop empathy and understanding for different cultures and lifestyles. Books also offer an escape from reality, and can be a good way for kids to manage their own mental well-being. In honour of Children’s Book Week, celebrated this year from November 6–12 in America, we have hand-picked a diverse list of books for readers of all ages, reading levels, and interests.  

Books Make Good Friends is a vibrant picture book about an introverted little girl named Lottie who loves reading. She uses books as a form of escapism when she feels anxious around new people; however, soon her books will show her that making friends might not be so scary after all. Filled with fun book recommendations from Lottie on every page, Books Make Good Friends is a great read for both reluctant readers and bibliophiles-in-training. Be sure to also check out the corresponding Activity Kit. 

Are you being haunted? Well, check out this hilarious book that comes complete with spooky tales, scientific facts, and lots of history about the supernatural! It explains how myths and legends come to be, while also encouraging cool experiments such as making your own ectoplasm.

We know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and this book creates a safe space to teach kids from a young age how to celebrate all body types. The straightforward text is easily digestible for children so that they can foster self-love while considering their bodies with curiosity, not shame.

From ancient agricultural practices to modern state-of-the-art farms, this book introduces readers to 12 different types of farms around the world. Through kid-friendly, rhyming text, Mia Wenjen provides insight into the importance of growing healthy food without harming nature. Pronunciation guides and definitions for new words are also included, making the book accessible for young readers.

This heartwarming book tells the story of a traditional Lakota practice through a contemporary lens. While spending the summer at her grandma’s home on the Standing Rock Reservation, Clara learns to set up the sacred circle of the tipi that has been passed down for generations. All too soon it is time to return home, but Clara is taking back meaningful memories of the time spent together with her extended family… all thanks to Grandma’s tipi.

In this enthralling graphic novel, an 18-year-old girl named Marisol Castillo returns to her small Texas hometown to attend the funeral for her abuela, whom she hasn’t seen since childhood. Meanwhile, Kat Fields, a 19-year-old paranormal podcaster, is drawn to the town by rumours of supernatural activity. As fate would have it, both teenagers meet and team up to uncover the town’s dark secrets—while also falling for each other. This gripping mystery is made all the more intense by Ashley Franklin’s psychedelic artwork, which adds additional layers of depth and emotion to every page.

Mixed Up
By Gordon Korman
Scholastic (July 2023)
Grade Level: 3–7

Reef and Theo don’t know each other but are grappling with the same mysterious problem. They are seeing someone else’s memories and losing their own! This adventure-thriller book takes the reader on a high-stakes journey as they follow along with these two courageous tweens who are preparing to fight the unknown. 

Monster vs. Boy
By Karen Krossing
Charlesbridge (July 2023)
Grade Level: 5–6

Monster vs. Boy is a hauntingly beautiful story about an unlikely friendship. Mim the monster lives in Dawz’s closet and wants to unlock the magic of books. But will Dawz help her? Touching on themes of found family, mental health, and acceptance, this book questions whether the monsters that haunt us are even monsters at all.

The Prince & the Coyote
By David Bowles
Illustrated by Amanda Mijangos
Levine Querido (September 2023)
Grade Level: 7–12

This gripping, action-packed tale uses a blend of prose and poetry to immerse readers in the extraordinary life of one of Mexico’s most revered historic figures. In 1418, young crown prince Acolmiztli bears witness to the unrelenting conflict between warring factions of his family’s dynasties—Mexico and Acolhuacan. But when his father is found dead and his mother and siblings are exiled as a result of a bitter power struggle, Acolmiztli flees into the wilderness. He emerges, transformed, as Nezahualcoyotl, meaning “fasting coyote.” Going undercover until he can safely reconnect with his family, Nezahualcoyotl comes up with a plan to seek justice for himself and his loved ones. But will he succeed?

Skating on Mars
By Caroline Huntoon
Feiwel & Friends (May 2023)
Grade Level: 3–6

Mars is a 12-year-old figure skater who has recently realized that they are non-binary. When challenged by the popular kid in high school to a skating competition, Mars agrees to enter as a boy. This is Mars’ story of coming out, self-discovery, and facing the challenges of binary regulations in the sports community.

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