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Exploring the Essential Elements of Inclusive Technology Systems



Technology in the classroom is part of our everyday world and, as part of that, we must ensure that all students have access to the devices and the content they need for learning. Accessibility ensures everyone, including those with disabilities, can use and benefit from products, services, and information.  

“In many cases, students with IEP and 504 plans and students who do not have an identified disability need access to tools to leverage that content,” says Christine Fox, Project Director for CAST, a nonprofit that helps students with learning differences succeed in school and life. “Inclusive practices previously have been siloed in school districts, with the special education and assistive technology department focused on supporting students with disabilities, while the edtech and IT department focused on providing resources for everyone. However, there is a genuine need for collaboration across the district from the top down with edtech solution providers to ensure that inclusive practices start at the top.”


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