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First private online school for Northern Territory gets approval


First private online school for Northern Territory gets approval

Haileybury Rendall School (HRS) is set to pioneer the introduction of the first private online school in the Northern Territory next year. With the advent of Haileybury Pangea, HRS will become the sole institution in the Top End to offer a trifecta of educational choices: day schooling, boarding, and online learning.

Following official endorsement from the government, Haileybury Pangea is diligently preparing to inaugurate its virtual classrooms in 2024, welcoming students from all corners of the Northern Territory to partake in online education.

“We are elated to have garnered the government’s approval for the launch of Haileybury Pangea in the Top End. This signifies that families in the Northern Territory now possess the flexibility to opt for Haileybury Rendall School for their children—be it as day scholars, boarders, or remote online learners. Some parents may even contemplate a hybrid approach, where their children engage in online studies from Years 5 to 9, transitioning to boarding for their final educational years,” declares Haileybury Rendall School Principal, Andrew McGregor.

McGregor adds, “Families and students deserve this selection. Traditional classrooms, rigid schedules, and conventional hours might not cater to every child’s learning style. Haileybury Pangea empowers families and their children with a broader spectrum of options, enabling them to fashion an educational path that resonates with their individual requisites. This platform provides access to exceptional teaching resources from any corner of the Territory.”

Haileybury Pangea is meticulously designed to cater to self-motivated, academically-inclined students ranging from Years 5 to 12. It encompasses a complete Australian curriculum and extends the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) during Years 10 to 12, facilitating students in attaining an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). The program further encompasses co-curricular and pastoral initiatives that are seamlessly delivered online.

Enrollments are presently open across the Northern Territory, extending to students residing in remote and very remote areas, as well as those who value the autonomy that accompanies online learning.

McGregor underscores, “Numerous youngsters dwelling in exceedingly remote regions aspire to receive a top-tier education without departing from their hometown and community. Access to the exceptional educators of Haileybury Pangea shouldn’t be dictated by geographical location.”

He continues, “Numerous committed students are also engaged in elite sports or artistic pursuits, or harbor substantial commitments beyond school. Balancing these commitments with the conventional school timetable can be demanding. Haileybury Pangea extends the necessary flexibility for such students while upholding an exhaustive, top-notch education.”

“We are not advocating that online learning suits every child, but there exists a substantial segment of students for whom Haileybury Pangea is supremely suitable,” affirms McGregor.

A typical week in the online curriculum encompasses a tailored fusion of live instruction, pre-recorded video content, assessment tasks, and personalized interactions with subject teachers and academic mentors. Self-directed learning stands as a foundational element of the curriculum, supplemented by an extensive array of digital resources.

Haileybury Pangea is committed to delivering small class sizes, a personalized program tailored to individual student strengths and interests, and expanded access to Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subjects. Notably, VCE offerings are already available at Haileybury Rendall School, providing an internationally acclaimed certification facilitating ATAR attainment.

Commencing operations in Victoria in January 2023, Haileybury Pangea embodies years of Haileybury’s pedagogical prowess and academic accomplishments. The program draws on over a century of teaching excellence, consistently yielding impressive VCE outcomes in Victoria, with graduates securing placements in premier universities across Australia and abroad. The school’s annual NAPLAN results consistently rank among the finest in their respective state or territory, a standard upheld for Haileybury Pangea students in the Northern Territory.

McGregor elucidates that Haileybury Pangea operates under a ‘stage, not age’ paradigm grounded in entrance evaluations. Consequently, if a Year 7 student displays exceptional prowess in mathematics, they might engage in a Year 9 math class to further cultivate their aptitude.

Tailored technology and software are painstakingly developed to ensure seamless educational delivery, while guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of online students. Enrolled students are required to adhere to an acceptable usage policy and commit to appropriate conduct.

Student well-being is seamlessly integrated into the Haileybury Pangea model. Parents or guardians are obliged to fulfill a home learning environment assessment and undertake a duty of care training module to underscore their commitment to supervising their children during scheduled class hours. A dedicated team of specialized support staff is readily accessible to nurture student well-being.

“Building upon the triumph and standing of Haileybury Rendall School and Haileybury, Haileybury Pangea bestows upon parents and children invaluable alternatives in shaping their educational journey,” contends McGregor.

He concludes, “The era of ‘one-size-fits-all’ education has waned. From today onwards, families in the Northern Territory can opt for day school, boarding, or online education, affording them the liberty to tailor an educational trajectory that optimally serves their child’s needs.”

This story originally appeared as a media release from Haileybury Rendall School.

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