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Innovative Technology Powers Innovative Instructional Models


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As demands on teachers continue to grow, school leaders are looking to implement transformative instructional models that can free up teachers’ schedules – allowing them more time to provide individualized instruction. But transitioning to innovative models like standards-based grading requires innovative technology. McGraw Hill Plus for PreK-12 gathers data and makes it actionable, saving teachers time and making personalization scalable.

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(Image credit: Dr. Keith Shoemaker)

Dr. Keith Shoemaker, the Director of Teaching and Learning at a school implementing standards-based grading, has observed his teachers leveraging McGraw Hill Plus to promote student agency, ease teachers’ workflow, and fuel their transformation to a standards-based grading model. Keith believes McGraw Hill Plus creates efficiencies and makes it easier for teachers to interpret data, identify trends, and ultimately provide personalized instruction. He shares highlights from that experience below. 

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