Home News Multiple schools in South Australia targeted by bomb threats

Multiple schools in South Australia targeted by bomb threats


Multiple schools in South Australia targeted by bomb threats

A wave of bomb threats has struck schools and healthcare facilities across metropolitan and regional South Australia, leading law enforcement agencies to initiate thorough investigations into the matter, as reported by the ABC.

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) issued a statement acknowledging that it is aware of numerous calls and emails containing threats directed towards schools and healthcare facilities. The trend, which had been progressing over the past week, heightened on Tuesday.

Gilles Street Primary School, situated in Adelaide’s central business district, found itself among the targets. Families of its students received a letter from the principal on Tuesday morning, detailing the reception of two alarming emails. The messages claimed that pipe bombs had been planted within the school premises.

“I can assure you that we have followed all due processes regarding this threat including notifying SAPOL, speaking with our director and a department representative,” said Gilles Street Primary School principal Marie-Louise Adams. “A search of the premises was carried out and we are confident that this was in fact a hoax.”

“It is disappointing to have to deal with this but as your children are our priority it is important that you hear from us directly,” she said.

The Department for Education told ABC on Tuesday that East Adelaide Primary School in St Peters also issued a notice to parents.

“The Department for Education is aware that a number of automated calls and emails have been sent to schools across the state making threats,” the Department for Education said in a statement to the ABC. “At this time police have advised that schools should carry out normal protocols around security if they are the recipient of one of these threats.”

As authorities delve into the origins of these threats, they have issued a stern warning to the individuals responsible. Legal consequences, including the possibility of prosecution, await those found guilty of perpetrating these acts.

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