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‘No child left behind’: Northern Territory public schools to be ‘fully and fairly’ funded


‘No child left behind’: Northern Territory public schools to be ‘fully and fairly’ funded

All public schools in the NT will be funded to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) by 2029, Education Minister Jason Clare announced today.

The historic agreement, signed today, means the Territory’s public schools will reach the full and fair funding level two decades earlier than they would under current settings, providing more resources to help support needy students improve their education outcomes.

Under the agreement, the Federal Government will provide an extra $737.7m in funding from 2025 to 2029 in Northern Territory public schools, while the NT Government will invest at least $350m over the same period, prioritising the most disadvantaged schools.

‘No child left behind’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the government “is committed to making sure that no Australian child is left behind.”

“Every young person, no matter where they live or their circumstances, deserves to have the best start to life – access to a world class education is critical to that,” Albanese said.

“Education and equality go hand in hand, however access to quality education has been out of reach for many in the Northern Territory.”

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Eva Lawler said the extra funding gives more resources to schools and teachers to help Territory kids be better equipped to enter the workforce.

“Education has the power to change lives and we’re investing in young Territorians to get the skills and knowledge they need to start their careers,” Lawler said.

“We’re working to strengthen every aspect of our education system so our kids are work ready – this $1 billion co-investment helps to open up a new era of opportunities for Territory kids.”

Federal Education Minister Jason Clare said the new agreement doubles the investment the Commonwealth makes in Northern Territory public schools.

“This agreement means the most underfunded schools in Australia will now be fully funded,” Clare said.

“Under current settings, Northern Territory public schools weren’t expected to receive their full funding until the middle of the century. This fast tracks that by more than 20 years.”

Northern Territory Minister for Education Mark Monaghan said no other Government in the history of the Northern Territory has achieved full and fair funding for students and schools.

“This landmark investment by the Territory and Federal Labor Government will make an immediate difference in our schools ranging from salaries to class sizes and technology, and under this agreement our most disadvantaged schools will receive more funding first,” Monaghan said.

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