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To help all learners in achieving equitable outcomes in math education, TouchMath released the Spanish version of its comprehensive dyscalculia screener on Aug. 15, 2023. The DySc is a free dyscalculia screener aligned to the DSM-5-TR.

It offers educators and parents a reliable and valid assessment to detect early math difficulties and provide targeted interventions. Widely underdiagnosed, dyscalculia is a neurodevelopmental learning disorder estimated to affect 3–7% of the worldwide population. It impacts a person’s ability to understand and work with numbers and number-related concepts and can lead to various other difficulties with mathematics, from math anxiety to math avoidance.

Early screening for dyscalculia and evidence-based interventions are critical to addressing the learning disorder’s short- and long-term educational, personal, and social impacts. Compared to other screeners, the DySc goes beyond identifying math difficulties by grade level and assesses critical areas of mathematical performance. Skills assessed include number sense, math facts memorization, calculations, reasoning, and problem-solving. 

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