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These TikTok Teachers Nail the Week Before Winter Break


Holiday parties with 17 different forms of sugar. Every concert, performance, and program known to man. Candy canes sharpened into stabby weapons.

That’s right, y’all. It’s the week before winter break.

This week can feel like a roller coaster whipping teachers between feeling festive and celebratory one minute and utterly exhausted the next. These TikTok teachers have boiled down all the competing emotions and various stressors of this time of year and packaged them into perfect little clips for us. What a gift!

This pre-K teacher and the week-before-break conversations with littles

I haven’t taught pre-K before, but Mr. Williams made me feel like I had. And I need a nap just from watching.

This teacher who somehow channeled every elementary teacher we’ve ever had

Honestly, get it together, Olivia.

This teacher pulling up at a red light as a Christmas tree

Nothing to see here, folks.

This teacher stress-eating Skittles amid classroom chaos

I felt this in my soul.

This teacher measuring the days left via remaining meltdowns

This is your next response when someone asks how it’s going in the copy room.

This teacher embodying the differences between content-area teachers during finals

As a former English teacher, can confirm.

And finally, this teacher who made it to an all-too-fleeting winter break

Teachers, we hope you have a happy, safe, and restorative winter break. Nobody deserves it more than you!

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