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This Teacher’s Electrical Outlets Are About To Be a Big Problem

by Staff

Listen. Teachers aren’t asking for a lot when it comes to classrooms. We know we’re never going to get filtered water taps, recessed lighting, or our choice of paint color. Most of us don’t have thermostats, and many don’t have air-conditioning. In fact, in many schools, just having a window in your classroom is considered a luxury.

We know we don’t own our classrooms (trust me, if we did, we’d make them a lot nicer).

We know legislation (and often budget cuts) determine what’s in our classrooms.

So we’ve lowered our expectations accordingly. Honestly, all we’re asking for is:

  • An air temperature that is neither arctic nor subtropic
  • Functioning electricity
  • Air vents that aren’t clanging like a restaurant kitchen or humming like a lawnmower
  • An environment that isn’t hazardous to us or our students

So when TikTok teacher @heretolearn5 discovered these abominations installed in her classroom without any prior consultation from her (or any teacher!), she was understandably … well, you’ll see.


Please, for the love of all that is good and holy: Consult teachers before changing ANY of their classroom features!! #teachertok #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

It’s the subtle one-eyebrow-raise at the end for me. 💯

In theory, retractable electrical outlets are a great idea. Students who need to charge their laptops (i.e., all of them, all the time) no longer have to fight over the few outlets along the wall and conveniently miss any instruction happening at eye level.

But anyone who has ever been, been around, or met a high school freshman will understand just how quickly these will be used inappropriately and/or dangerously.

The comment section was quick to point out the design flaws:

Make solid pop culture references:

Share personal experiences:

Screenshot of TikTok comment about teacher electrical outlets

And offer advice and condolences:

While it’s fun to laugh about what the people who decided on this installation were thinking, there’s a bigger story here.

Like any institution, education has its problems. But too often, the folks in charge create “solutions” that ignore some of the most important shareholders: teachers. Sometimes it’s just retractable ceiling outlets in freshmen classes. Sometimes it’s entire educational policies. But one thing is certain: There are always consequences. When will we learn that actually listening to teachers will save everyone time, money, and a huge headache?

What are your thoughts on this installation? Let us know in the comments!

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