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Who are the young educators in Australia?


Who are the young educators in Australia?

Nominations are ongoing for Rising Stars 2024.

The ninth annual list highlights young education professionals who have made a significant impact through their professional abilities and innovative contributions. Last year, participants identified hard work, strong knowledge and a solid background, combined with emotional intelligence (EQ), as the top three traits that a rising star should possess.

Who will be the new batch of young superstars that have truly stood out over the past year?

If you or someone you know fits the criteria, we invite you to submit a nomination. Eligible nominees should be education professionals aged 35 or under, demonstrating leadership and remarkable achievements, with no more than 10 years of experience in the K–12 education sector in Australia.

Self-nominations and submissions on behalf of colleagues and direct reports are accepted through this online form.

Hurry! Nominations are closing on Friday, 15 December.

The Rising Stars 2024 report will be published on The Educator website in April.

Access the online entry form here.

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