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100+ Best Teacher Influencers To Follow Instagram


We rounded up some of the best teacher Instagram accounts to follow for great ideas, great content, and classroom inspiration. You’ll find teacher hacks, book recommendations, lesson ideas, free printables, and so much more from these teachers to brighten up your feed! Plus, be sure to give @weareteachers a follow on Instagram, where we regularly share awesome ideas from various teachers just like those featured here! Check out these teachers on Instagram and teacher influencers, and get ready to scroll until your thumbs hurt!

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Elementary Teacher Influencers on Instagram

Mr. G Teacher Influencer


Mr. G’s page is all things 3rd grade and the love of reading! Follow along with great classroom ideas, book recommendations, and more.

Sarah Instagram teacher account


Find a mix of everything on Sarah’s channel. Posts include teacher outfits, favorite books, classroom hacks, lesson ideas, and more for 2nd grade!

April instagram teacher account


April is a 4th grade teacher who’s constantly sharing what her class is up to. Find lesson ideas, early-finisher activities, art projects, and more. You’ll even find fun seasonal ideas like Super Bowl activities and Valentine’s Day projects.

Josie Instagram teacher account


Find classroom favorites as well as quick ideas and freebies from Josie McClain. She’s a 2nd grade teacher who’s always sharing fun ideas like silent ball, book brackets, and more.

Kellie Instagram teacher account


Colorful and playful kindergarten inspiration lives here. Kellie posts awesome snapshots from her classroom along with some seriously hilarious teacher humor. Her channel is the best of both worlds with some great laughs and ideas to take inspiration from.

Vera teacher instagram


Vera is a teacher and author who shares great book recommendations, including a series that reviews picture books in 60 seconds. Be sure to stop by to find your next classroom read-along with some other ideas for pre-K.

Teresa Instagram teacher account


Every time we see one of Teresa’s quotes, we stop our scroll. She’s funny yet inspirational, and she shares great ideas for elementary educators. She’s also an escape room expert! Her reels have simple tips like adding audio and hyperlinks to Google Slides.

madison instagram teacher account


Check out bright ideas for every season, colorful classroom decor, and so much more. Madison posts ideas for celebrating tons of classroom holidays, from St. Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving.

Keri Instagram account


Keri is a kindergarten teacher in central Alabama and has been teaching for over 15 years. She loves traveling, decorating her classroom, and meeting other teachers. She is obsessed with all things technology and loves teaching her kinders how to use it. She’s also a member of our Teacher Team!

Miss Elendy teacher instagram account


Miss Elgendy shares practical tips from her kinder classroom along with amazing, thought-provoking quotes about education. Give this account a follow for quick tips, books, and relatable quotes.

Christine instagram page


Christie’s page has the best teacher-outfit inspiration along with snapshots from her classroom. Scroll to see the cutest teacher tees, classroom worksheets, management ideas like the Secret Student, read-alouds, and more!

More Elementary School Teacher Influencers on Instagram:

Middle and High School Teacher Influencers on Instagram

Fenyx instagram teacher


Fenyx’s page features some of the best seasonal ideas for upper grades! Get ready to get inspired with classroom celebration ideas, book recommendations, and Fenyx’s radiant positivity.

Chris teacher instagram account


Filled with inspirational quotes from well-known scientists and photos of cool-looking experiments, Kesler Science is one of the teacher Instagram accounts you should definitely follow if you teach any science subject.

social studies teacher instagram


This teacher Instagram account is full of ways to get movement and meaning into social studies curriculum. Almost every picture includes student engagement. In a world where so many students ask, “Why do we have to learn about history?” this Instagram account will definitely give any social studies teacher some solid responses and inspiration for how to make social studies relevant and meaningful.

Kathleen math teacher instagram


High school math ideas coming your way! Scroll through Kathleen’s page and stumble upon free geometry and algebra resources, bulletin board ideas, and humorous teacher videos.

Tribly STEM Teacher influencer


Get inspired with STEM lessons and free downloads from Trilby! The mission of this account is to inspire future scientists and engineers, and that’s something we can definitely get behind!

Betsy teacher instagram account


Betsy is all about creativity. She’s the host of the Spark Creativity teacher podcast and loves to help high school English teachers innovate. She’s a big believer in hexagonal thinking—you can find many of her teaching strategies on her Instagram account, as well as free one-pager templates.

Daring English teacher instagram


Christina is a high school English teacher, blogger, and curriculum designer. Her account is peppered with humor, quotes, and curriculum ideas.

John Rodney Teacher Influencer


Middle school ELA right this way! Follow for relatable teaching videos, middle school drama, classroom ideas, and more.

Emily teacher Instagram account


Emily is a 7th grade teacher and curriculum writer from New York. Her account is full of classroom photos and lesson ideas to get lost in that can help you plan your next lesson.

toocoolforschool teacher instagram


Megan shares teaching resources for history and ELA. Possibly our favorite thing about her page is her book stacks—they’re not only colorful, but she has great recommendations for the reader in all of us.

Laura teacher instagram


Follow this high school English teacher. Laura posts ideas for all things English including book choices, poetry, reading strategies, student projects, and more.

science teacher Instagram


Calling all high school biology teachers! Grab lesson ideas, videos, and labs from this account. You’ll find case studies, classroom tips, and ideas for all things biology and anatomy.

More Middle and High School Teacher Influencers on Instagram:

The Arts Teacher Influencers on Instagram

Art with Miss E Teacher influencer


Art resources, ideas, and colorful projects live here! It’s the perfect account to brighten your feed and help you inspire artistry in your classroom.

Chromatic music teacher influencer


You have to check out the mesmerizing and super-impressive Boomwhacker videos on this page! There’s a ton of music fun waiting for you.

Keisha art instagram


Get ready for super-cute art inspiration and awesome hacks like filling ice cube trays with paint. Find everything from clay projects to paper crafts and school hallway displays.

art with Jenny Instagram


This is a great Instagram account for art teachers, obviously, but we also scroll through it often for inspiration for our own non-art classrooms. There are lots of great resources for fantastic-looking projects that students of all ages will enjoy. Some of them are holiday-related while others are just for fun.

Bryson music Instagram


Find music classroom frameworks, free workbooks, and tons of classroom tips. Music education is so important, and Bryson’s page is a great one to scroll through and find out why.

Becca music instagram


Becca is an elementary music teacher sharing ideas to help engage your students. She posts awesome ideas for music centers and even shares free resources.

More Teacher Influencers on Instagram in the Arts, Library, and more

School Administrator Influencers on Instagram

Tanesha admin Instagram account


This middle school administrator prides herself on standing up for social and racial justice. Tanesha tackles tough school topics on her page including the teacher shortage, retention, suspensions, and more.

Principal lamb teacher infliuencer


This principal has gone viral for ditching his traditional office for a rolling cart. He shares awesome ideas for building a positive and engaged school community!

modern principal instagram account


This account is run by two administrators who post interviews, tough conversations, and their podcast for principals. They frequently share posts with three or four quick, digestible tips that are super-helpful.

More School Administrator Influencers on Instagram

What are your favorite teacher Instagram accounts to follow? Let us know in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook, and give us a follow over on @weareteachers.

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