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16 Best Rolling Carts for Teachers To Stay Organized


What did teachers do before rolling carts? We can’t imagine carrying books, papers, and boxes to and from school or teaching an art or P.E. class without shelves on wheels. Whether you’re getting your first rolling cart or upgrading your current cart, here are our top picks. But first, here’s what to look for in a rolling cart that will actually work for teachers.

What To Look For When Purchasing Rolling Carts for Teachers

Teacher cart organized with supplies
The Average Teacher/rolling cart via theaverageteacher.com

Is it collapsible?

A rolling cart is great if you are bringing materials to and from your classroom and home—think: a high school teacher hauling stacks of essays. Whether or not it collapses is up to you and how you’ll use it. Do you want to be able to fold it up and store it in a small space? Or are you storing materials in it 24-7 so that collapsibility just isn’t an issue?

The handle

For rolling bags and boxes, a retractable handle is helpful if you are storing it somewhere tight between uses. On larger carts, the handle should make it easier to push and maneuver the cart through the halls.

One word: storage

The whole point of rolling carts for teachers is storage, so think about whether you need shelves to put bins on, or pockets to store materials. Do you need a compartment for a computer? Small pockets to organize markers, pencils, and more? Having more of these compartments can make other bags unnecessary, which makes traveling to and from school easier.


How heavy or bulky are your supplies? Carrying around music instruments or Hula-Hoops is much different than transporting workbooks and markers. Be sure to get a rolling cart that can transport all the materials you’re moving each day.


At some point you’ll have to stop, and having a brake to hold the cart in place turns a rolling cart into portable shelves or even a desk.

Overall weight

Especially if you’re moving up and down stairs, consider the weight of each rolling cart. Make sure the cart itself isn’t adding too much weight.

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Best Rolling Carts for Teachers

Some rolling carts stand out above the rest. Here are the best overall, best budget-friendly, best splurge, foldable, and cart alternative.

(Note that prices listed are current as of this writing.)

Best Overall: Luxor 3-Shelf Tuffy Cart

three shelf rolling cart best rolling cart for teachers
School Specialty

All teachers will find a use for this rolling cart, whether it’s moving materials around a large classroom or up and down one hallway. And it meets all the criteria—easy to maneuver, sturdy, has good steering and stopping, and lots of accessible space to store materials.

User Reviews: Customers say the three shelves with deeper edges kept things from falling off. And the wheels make for easy navigation.

Price: $293.96

Buy it: 3 Shelf Tuffy Cart at School Specialty

Best Budget-Friendly: Danpinera 3-Tier Rolling Cart

three tiered rolling cart

This rolling cart is ideal for a classroom, to roll from small group to small group or up and down a hallway. The pockets and hooks can be easily put on and taken off as your needs change over the course of the year.

User Reviews: Customers who bought this cart loved the various buckets to hold art supplies or school supplies and the cute color options.

Price: $36.99

Buy it: 3-Tier Rolling Cart at Amazon

Best Splurge: Teacher Trolley

rolling cart with easel
Really Good Stuff

All the compartments and bins and the whiteboard on one side make this a fun rolling cart for teachers who use lots of materials in each lesson and want to keep them all in one place.

User Review: An intervention teacher loved how it was essentially a mobile classroom for all her intervention materials.

Price: $354.99

Buy it: Teacher Trolley at Really Good Stuff

Best Foldable: Selorss Foldable Utility Cart

foldable cart for teachers

When it comes to a utility cart that has everything teachers need—sturdy, solid, holds everything, easy-turn wheels—this cart fits the bill. In particular, the noiseless wheels turn 360 degrees and are built to hold up on lots of different surfaces. The cart holds up to 110 pounds and the lid supports 265 pounds.

User Review: One user loves this cart for transporting teaching necessities from classroom to car every day.

Price: $69.99

Buy it: Foldable Utility Cart at Amazon

Best Rolling Cart Alternative for Teachers: Craft Rolling Cart

cart with clear pockets for supplies

This alternative to a hard-plastic rolling storage bin, with 40 clear pockets to store materials students can easily see and access, is a clever way to organize and move materials.

User Reviews: Teacher reviewers noted that the cart is lightweight and the clear pockets make it easy for students to find what they need.

Price: $49.99

Buy it: Craft Rolling Cart at Amazon

More Rolling Carts for Teachers

These rolling carts offer mobile storage solutions for every teacher situation.

Giantex 10-Drawer Rolling Cart

10 drawer rolling cart

We love the deep drawers in this cart. A great classroom option.

User Review: An elementary teacher said the cart was easy to assemble and was great for holding all her supplies.

Price: $109.99

Buy it: Giantex 10-Drawer Rolling Cart at Amazon

Inspired Living Ultra-Slim Rolling Collapsible Storage Pack-n-Roll Utility Cart

storage bin rolling cart for teachers

This cart was recommended by one teacher reviewer as an ideal way to transport materials to and from school. It folds flat and can be stored easily and is easy to take in and out of the car. It’s a more functional alternative to hauling stuff around in tote bags.

User Review: One teacher says she loves that this cart fits on the floor of her car and is easy to put in and take out of the car. The cart makes it easier to bring materials to and from school without lugging heavy bags.

Price: $39.99

Buy it: Ultra-Slim Rolling Storage Pack-n-Roll Cart at Amazon

Metal Storage Cart With Wood Top

metal storage cart with wood top for teacher rolling cart

This cart quickly becomes a table for student conferences, working on your laptop from various places in the classroom, or another presentation space.

User Review: The cart has a small footprint, and it’s functional, with tabletop and drawers.

Price: $140

Buy it: Storage Cart at Target

Goflame 15-Drawer Cart

15 drawer storage cart

This cart has a nice combination of drawers that can be used for storing papers or more bulky materials.

User Review: One customer noted the stability of this cart.

Price: $89.99

Buy it: Goflame 15-Drawer Cart at Amazon

Luxja Rolling Craft Bag

rolling craft bag

This nylon bag features thick padding to reduce bumping. The main compartment is large enough to hold a small printer, files, books, and other materials.

User Review: One teacher who travels from school to school said this bag has plenty of room for files and supplies. It also rolls well and is not “tippy.”

Price: $79.99

Buy it: Rolling Craft Bag at Amazon

Toolf Utility Cart With Wooden Table Top

rolling cart with wood top

Use this cart as a movable podium for whole-group lessons or as a table for students to gather around during small groups. The two storage bins let you have books, writing utensils, and more on hand.

User Review: A teacher said this cart was “perfect for the classroom.” They use it in small-group sessions. It looks nice and it’s easy to assemble.

Price: $39.99

Buy it: Utility Cart With Wooden Table Top at Amazon

Amazon Basics Adjustable Standing Mobile Laptop Storage

roller cart and desk best roller cart for teachers

Teachers can lower and raise (27.5 to 40 inches) this cart’s surface so they can work from anywhere. The lower shelf keeps supplies easily accessible while teaching. 

User Review: One music teacher said this cart was a good value. The podium on wheels was helpful in the classroom, and they added a wire mesh basket to the bottom for more storage.

Price: $78.84

Buy it: Adjustable Standing Mobile Laptop Storage at Amazon

School Smart Folding Storage Cart With Caddy

foldable storage for teachers
School Specialty

This cart is all about pockets. It has 33 external and 10 internal pockets, as well as a large central compartment to carry everything you need. A great option to cart things to and from your classroom and stay organized.

User Review: A teacher reviewer liked the organizing pockets on the outside, which are great for scissors, glue, markers, etc.

Price: $60.29

Buy it: Folding Storage Cart With Caddy at School Specialty

DTK 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart With Table Top

rolling utility cart with wood top

Another option for a rolling cart with a top and flexible storage. The trays on this cart are mesh, so they stay dry.

User Reviews: Reviewers noted how handy it is to have a small cart to move materials from one space to another.

Price: $40.99

Buy it: Utility Rolling Cart at Amazon

Himix Folding Service Cart

foldable cart for storage

The benefits of a rolling cart plus easy storage. This foldable cart is great if you have to transport materials regularly but not every day.

User Reviews: Customers loved the way this cart folded up to travel from place to place.

Price: $129

Buy it: Foldable Cart at Amazon

Plastic AV Cart With Pull-Out Shelf

audio visual rolling cart for teachers with pull out shelf
School Outfitters

This rolling cart has storage, portability, and a shelf that can double as a makeshift table or standing desk.

User Review: The outlet plugs and pull-out shelf are favorite features.

Price: $179.99

Buy it: Portable AV Cart at School Outfitters

Which rolling cart for teachers is your favorite? Come share your experiences in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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