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18 End-of-Year Letters for Students and Their Families


Saying goodbye to students can be so hard. After spending a whole year working together, it’s impossible to imagine our classrooms without them! One of the best ways to show them how much they mean to you is to write end-of-year letters to students. Take a look at some terrific examples from other teachers, and learn how to write your own. Plus be sure to fill out the form on this landing page to get a bundle of three printable end-of-year letters you can customize for your students.

How To Write End-of-Year Student Letters

Keep it short

We make a lot of memories with our kids, but trying to create a highlight reel for everyone would be tough. It’s better to keep your end-of-year letters to students short and sweet. Even if it’s brief, it can be heartfelt.


Even if you use a template, there are ways to customize your letters. Of course, you’ll want to address your notes to each student by name. Along with your signature at the bottom, though, you can mention one special thing you’ll remember about them so that it feels more personal.

Use a template

A template makes it easy to quickly customize letters for each of your students. Fill out the form on this page to get our free downloadable end-of-year letter templates!

End-of-Year Letter Examples and Ideas

Take a look at what other teachers have written to find more ideas for your own end-of-year letters to students and families.

Customizable, printable end-of-year letter to students on a colorful background with colored pencils.


1. Personalized Heartfelt Letter

Use our free Google Docs template to easily customize letters for each of your students. You can personalize as much or as little as you’d like. Just fill out the form on this landing page to grab it along with two others featured below.

Short poem written as an end-of-year letter for kindergarten students on colorful paper

2. Goodbye Poem

Sometimes a poem can capture our feelings better than any letter ever could. This sweet letter is perfect for letting your students know how much they mean to you, while also reinforcing language skills. It’s a win-win!

Get it: Goodbye Letter

Student holding an end-of-year letter from their teacher, including a picture of the student
The Applicious Teacher

3. Letter With Picture

Including a photo of your student is an easy way to personalize your letter, plus it gives families a cute keepsake they’ll love to pull out and share years from now.

Get it: Easy End of Year Student Letter

ABC Farewell printable, with a short note about the past school year for each letter
Totally Terrific in Texas

4. ABC Farewell

This is an incredibly clever idea, and perfect for the early elementary grades. You could even personalize this by including the student’s name for the letter it starts with!

Get it: Clip Art and ABC Farewell

End of year poem for a young student, with a black and white clip art image of a boy
Primary Press

5. Poem With Colorable Picture

Pass these out on the last day of school and let kids color their pictures. The final result is a little bit of you and a little bit of them, all in one!

Get it: End of Year Poem

Handwritten note from a teacher to a student at the end of the year
The Friendly Teacher

6. Personal Card

Choose some note cards you love and spend a few hours writing personal messages. This takes a little more time, but you only need a few short sentences to make students and their families feel really special.

Get it: Sending Letters Home

Goodbye poem from a teacher to a student at the end of the year
Miss R’s Room

7. Great Expectations Poem

Here’s another sweet poem, with wonderful wishes for a student’s future. Jot a personal memory on the back to make it even more special.

Get it: End of Year Poem

Handwritten notes to students on colorful notecards with their names in fancy script at the top
The Efficient Classroom

8. Handwritten Note

You can use the same message over and over again, but handwriting it out makes it feel more personal. We love that these letters feature the students’ names in beautiful calligraphy at the top too.

Get it: Handwritten Letters

Customizable, printable end-of-year letter to students on a red background with colored pens.


9. A Note for Older Kids

This end-of-year letter template has a design that works well for older students. Just fill out the form on this page to grab your free customizable Google Docs template.

Teacher holding page called "There's Gold in every Piece of Your Story" with circles containing stories and quotes about the past school year
@texaslonestarteacher via Instagram

10. Gold in Every Piece of Your Story

This collaborative letter is such a cool idea! Gather quotes, stories, and words of wisdom from various people who’ve interacted with your students over the last year, and gather them together into one sweet document they’ll cherish.

Get it: There Is Gold Letter

A book called
Life Between Summers

11. Mailbox Activity

Pair your end-of-year letters to students with this cute activity. Each student turns a paper bag into their own mailbox. Then, they write letters to each other to slip into the boxes, along with your own special deliveries.

Get it: Mailbox Activity

Letter from teacher to parents at the end of the year, thanking them for a good school year with their child

12. Family Letter

Parents and guardians will appreciate a letter at the end of the year too. Use it to sum up some of the great things that happened, and invite them to keep in touch in the future.

Get it: Good-Bye Letter

End of school year poem called It's Time to Say Goodbye
PreK + K Sharing

13. It’s Time To Say Goodbye Poem

Poems are popular for end-of-year letters, and this one by Debbie Clement is truly sweet. It’s perfect for preschool and early elementary, especially when you add your own short note to personalize it.

Get it: End of Year Poem

Poem about the end of preschool days from a teacher to a student
Rainbows Within Reach

14. Preschool Days

Here’s another clever rhyme for young students, this one specific to preschool activities and learning. Personalize it with teacher names, and parents can tuck this into their child’s memory book as a keepsake.

Get it: Preschool Days Poem

End-of-year personalized poem for a student named Quinn, written with the help of ChatGPT
We Are Teachers

15. AI Customized Letters or Poems

This is one of the ways ChatGPT can be a real time-saver for teachers! With just a few simple prompts, the program can write individualized letters for your students. One teacher even used it to write custom poems!

End-of-year poem on bookmarks for students
Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade

16. End-of-Year Bookmarks

When you turn your end-of-year letters into bookmarks, students can keep them close at hand for years to come.

Get it: Bookmarks

Notes on purple and green paper with clip art and sayings like "That's a Wrap"
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

17. Free Printable Notes

Print simple notes on colorful paper, then flip them over and write a line or two on the back that’s customized for your student. Simple and so thoughtful!

Get it: Printable Notes

Customizable, printable end-of-year letter to students on a yellow background with colored pens.


18. Short and Sweet Note

This end-of-year letter template’s design is perfect for a short and sweet message to elementary students. Get the free Google Doc template for this letter and two others when you fill out the form on this landing page.

Be sure to fill out the form on this page to get your free End-of-Year Student Letter templates!

Plus, 50 Free Printable End-of-Year Awards for Students.

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