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20 Bulletin Boards To Ring In the New Year


It can be hard to get back into the groove after a long holiday break where your students (and possibly you too!) may have gotten a little too comfortable hanging around at home in pajamas. But creating a warm and welcoming bulletin board to motivate kids in the new year makes the transition a little easier. Tip: Be sure to take advantage of markdowns on all those cute New Year’s Eve decorations so you can use them for your bulletin board. Also, there’s minimal prep on your part when you choose a board that incorporates a student craft or a writing prompt, and it has the added bonus of making your students feel like they had a hand in the design. Check out this list of New Year’s bulletin board ideas to try in your classroom!

1. Balloons and Party Hats

New year bulletin board ideas include this black bulletin board that says Happy New Year with balloons on the bottom that say 19-20. Party hats and horns are also attached.
School Counselor Blog/Happy New Year Bulletin Board via www.schcounselor.com

We love the ingenious idea of buying leftover (and likely clearance) New Year’s party supplies so you can decorate your classroom’s bulletin board after the holiday break. Simply get a roll of black paper, some white chalk, and some party supplies, and then get creating!

2. Party Hats and Resolutions

New year bulletin board ideas include this one with a black background and multi-colored party hats with lines for writing on them. Text in the middle reads This year will be awesome!
The Designer Teacher/5 January Bulletin Board Ideas via www.thedesignerteacher.com

The best new year bulletin board ideas get the students involved in the fun while also doubling as a lesson. Teach your students about New Year’s resolutions and then have them use it as a writing prompt to copy onto these cute party hats.

3. Make It Pop

A brown bulletin board says 2019 will be poppin. There are boxes of popcorn underneath each of the letters.
@bodybyblare via Instagram

Let’s face it, we all want the new year to be poppin’, so why not take some inspiration from this popcorn-themed bulletin board?

4. New Year, New Books

A cutout of a reindeer singing is surrounded by book covers. Text reads New Year, New Books.
@twolibrarians via Instagram

What could be cuter than this singing reindeer with ornaments for earrings? This bulletin board would be especially perfect in a school library.

5. Blast Into the New Year

New year bulletin board ideas include this one that says Blasting off into a New Year. It has a rocket ship on it and astronauts whose faces are all of the student's in the class.
@lottsoflearning via Instagram

We love the concept of a space travel–themed bulletin board for the new year, but our favorite part is definitely the photos of students on each of the adorable astronauts.

6. A Toast to the New Year

A green background bulletin board says Let's Toast to the New Year. We Are Egg-cited to learn!
@kari.teaches via Instagram

Because one adorable play on words is just not enough. Have your students write what they are excited, or egg-cited, to learn in the new year, and then paste them to these happy little eggs and pieces of toast.

7. Silver Bells

A black bulletin board has silver bells with writing prompts on it. They are made from tin foil. Actual Christmas lights adorn the top and text reads ringing in the new year.
Amanda Knipper/New Years Bulletin Board via Pinterest

We love so many different things about this bulletin board, from the silver tinfoil bells to the writing prompt to the actual twinkling lights at the top!

8. New Year, New Choices

New year bulletin board ideas include this one of a sun that says New Year New Choices. The rays have choices kids can make on them.
Sandi Skeens via Pinterest

Before piecing together this bulletin board, have your students brainstorm good choices they can make in the new year. Then, use their own words to make up the rays of this big sun. This bulletin board idea would work well for the beginning of the school year or the beginning of the new year in January.

9. Sliding Into a New Year

A bulletin board shows two penguins, one is sliding down a snowy hill on its stomach. Text reads,
Hand-Me-Down Ideas/Winter Bulletin Board via handmedownideas.wordpress.com

What better way to greet your students back to the classroom after holiday break than with these adorable penguins.

10. A Rainbow of Possibilities

A bulletin board has what looks like a strip of watercolor paints on the top and a large paintbrush. Text reads 2019 is a rainbow of possibilities.
Mrs. B’s Beehive/Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas via mrsbsbeehive.com

New year bulletin board ideas don’t have to be limited to winter themes—they can also be bright and vibrant like this fun one. The larger-than-life watercolor palette as well as the oversized paintbrush really make this board pop. We also love the idea of having your students write something on their own paint splatter to go on the board.

11. Keys for a Happy New Year

A blue background says Keys for a Happy New Year.
Boards Galore/Faith Watt via supplyme.com

While this board is religious in nature, you can change the keys to anything that you would like to see happen in the new year. Have your students get involved by writing their goals for the coming year on the keys so they can be reminded of them every day!

12. Resolutions Galore

A brightly colored bulletin board says Happy New Year. It has cartoon children on it holding pieces of paper with their resolutions written on it.
KIndergarten Korner/2022 New Year’s Resolution Writing via kindergartenkorner.com
A cartoon girl is holding a writing prompt.
KIndergarten Korner/2022 New Year’s Resolution Writing via kindergartenkorner.com

Teaching kids to set goals is important, so have them write out their resolutions for the coming year and then use them to decorate a bulletin board in January. We especially love the idea of making a whole craft out of it since the kids can color their own character.

13. Matholutions

Text reads Our New Year's Matholutions and has differently decorated bells on it.
Scaffolded Math & Science/Matholution Pennant Photos via www.scaffoldedmath.com

Finally, a new year bulletin board idea that is just right for math teachers! Have kids write their math resolutions and then color these cute bells to ring in the new year of learning.

14. When the Clock Strikes Midnight

A bulletin board says Happy New Year and features a variety of clocks on it.
Amped Up/The Holidays Are Upon Us via ampeduplearning.com

Short on time and creative energy? Then try purchasing one of these premade bulletin board kits for the new year. You could also create your own version of this clock-tastic bulletin board.

15. A Magical Year Ahead

A yellow background says Make 2014 Magical. A magician's wand is seen floating above a magician's hat.
Shari B. via Pinterest

While simple, this bulletin board is a sweet way to usher in the new year in your classroom.

16. New Year, Blank Book

A black background has an open book on it and the text A New Year is like a blank book.
Sarah AlAmer via Pinterest

New year bulletin board ideas that look pretty while also inspiring students are a definite plus! We love the encouraging message displayed on this board.

17. Brrr-illiant New Year

A bulletin board has two snowmen on it and says It's a brrrr-illiant new year.
Supply Me/New Year’s Bulletin Board Idea via supplyme.com

This is the perfect bulletin board for both the winter months and the new year. You could even have your students create snowflakes and add them to the bulletin board.

18. A Pop of Color

a black background says Happy New Year. There are bright flowers and a train.
Masti Ki Pathshala/New Year School Bulletin Board via YouTube

January can be a dreary time of year, so why not add a pop of color (or two) to your classroom with this fun design?

19. Numbers With Personality

How cute are these number people? Have fun adding eyes, arms, etc., to the numbers in the new year and then decorate around them with whatever makes you happy!

20. Beat the Blues

A black background says Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. There are also snowflakes that have suggestions like eat right and exercise.
Rachel Raffay/Ways To Beat the Winter Blues: Healthy Living (RA) via Pinterest

The excitement of the holiday season often helps us beat the winter blues, but what happens when the holidays are over but there are still a lot of dark, cold days ahead? This is the perfect bulletin board to display in your classroom to promote social and emotional well-being.

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