Special gifts for special teachers.

stamp and set of visual reminders for special education teacher gifts
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Special education teachers have a unique job. They’re busy balancing teaching, IEP meetings, paperwork, lesson planning, and collaborating with multiple grade-level teams, and they handle it all with grace and a dose of humor. A note of appreciation or a handmade gift go a long way to show SpEd teachers how much you appreciate them. They especially love to hear how their work impacts students and families. While gifts are not expected, if you do have a SpEd teacher you’re shopping for, here are 21 special education teacher gifts that any SpEd teacher would love.

Note: Be sure to check the school’s policy on gifts before deciding what to give.

Best Special Education Teacher Gifts

collection of fidgets, pop it, oil timer, for special education teacher gift
shirt that reads your words matter for a special education teacher gift

2. Your Words Matter T-shirt

Special education teachers have opinions about IEPs, FAPE, autism awareness, and all things SpEd. Give your favorite special education teacher a T-shirt that reflects their words to live by.

Buy it: Your Words Matter shirt

picture of a brain that reads all kinds of minds

3. All Kinds of Minds print

Frame this print that sums up special education teachers’ work for an office or desk decoration.

Buy it: All Kinds of Minds print

disability rights are human rights sticker for special education teacher gift

4. Statement stickers

Stickers that can be put on laptops, water bottles, or bulletin boards and communicate the messages special education teachers want to send are a great way to appreciate a special education teacher.

Buy it: Computer sticker or Special Education Crew stickers at Amazon

pack of dry erase markers in various colors

5. Dry-erase markers

A special education teacher can never have enough dry-erase markers. Repeat, we will never (ever) say no to a pack of markers.

Buy it: Dry-erase markers

special education stamp with checkboxes for how a student completed their work, independently in a group or as a class

6. Teacher stamp

There are some really cool teacher stamps on the market right now, including this one that lets teachers check how a student completed their work. It’s a quick way to track accommodations in the moment.

Buy it: Teacher stamp

make up bag with a special education theme
time timer clock with red timer that shows the time left

8. Time Timer

This is an essential special education classroom tool. Even if the special education teacher on your list already has one, they can always use another one (or the desk version).

Buy it: Time Timer

special education themed mug that reads special education teacher because full-time multitasking unicorn wasn't available for a special education teacher gift

9. Coffee mug or tumbler

Special education teachers are always caffeinated, either with coffee or soda, so a fun mug or tumbler is a great gift.

Buy it: Special education mug, Teacher tumbler

pens with inspirational lines on them like you got this and make it happy for a special education teacher gift

10. Pen set

Every special education teacher has tons of pens at the ready for signing all the forms. Turn the pens into conversation pieces with this set.

Buy it: Inspirational quote pens

table spots colored circles

11. Table spots

These table spots are great for working with kids who need visual reminders as they’re working, as well as for teachers who may have to teach small groups in various locations.

Buy it: Table spots

white stationary and envelopes

12. Personalized note

A note of appreciation won’t go unnoticed. Special education teachers remember all the notes that students and parents have given them.

Buy it: Stationery set

box of cookies with gift tag that says thanks to you i'm one smart cookie
Make Bake Celebrate
nail polish and tag that reads teachers like you paint bright futures for a special education teacher gift
Mama Cheaps

14. At-home manicure

A fun nail color and accompaniments (file, nail polish remover) are a great way to appreciate special education teachers with a mini manicure.

Get it: Printable gift tag

set of sticky notes that look like animals dog chicken pig panda kitten

15. Sticky note set

When special education teachers are not teaching, they’re running around trying to get people to review and sign documents. These adorable sticky notes would make that ask much easier.

Buy it: Sticky notes

tote bag that has representations of how people communicate for a special education teacher gift

16. Tote bag

A bag the perfect size to carry papers, notebooks, fidgets, visual schedules, and reward systems!

Buy it: Special education tote bag

autism awareness photo frame for special education teacher gift
Glitter Gifts and More

17. Photo frame

A frame for desk or home with the perfect message for a special education teacher, because we’re all advocates too.

Buy it: Photo frame

aromatherapy candle

18. Aromatherapy

After a long day at school, special education teachers are experts at unwinding. An aromatherapy candle like this one is just the ticket.

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sugar scrub for special education teacher gift

19. Sugar scrub

Because after writing IEPs all day, special education teachers can use a little spa-style relaxation.

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visual pictures for rules. card with stop sign on top.
Breezy Special Ed

20. Visual rules key chain

Each year, a teacher’s visual rules key chain needs to be replaced. So a key chain like this one with various rule prompts would definitely get used.

Buy it: Visual rules key chain

special education lanyard with blue beads

21. Lanyard

This detachable lanyard would be a great addition to any special education teacher’s school uniform.

Buy it: Special education lanyard

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