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3 Useful AI Research Tools for Educators


In both our training as educators and in teaching children, we are well-schooled (yes, that’s a pun) in research. Some of us can remember struggling to get our bibliography written correctly, never quite getting it right. Finding research to support our work used to be laborious until being able to “Google it” became a thing. Now it’s easier, but still hit or miss.

Enter today’s world of AI research, with many AI chatbots and other resource tools bubbling up with claims of superiority. This reminds many of us of the online tools that entered the market in the 1990s in that many came and went while others started charging in ways that created the freemium model. We are in that phase now with AI, and it would be beneficial to identify some of the tools that seem to have staying power, and are not as well known as others.

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