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32 Fabulous 100th Day of School Ideas (Activities, Videos & More)


You and your students have been working hard and growing like crazy this school year. So, your 100th day is a day that’s definitely worth celebrating—with gusto! Here is an awesome list of educational 100th day of school ideas to complement your curriculum. And the best part may be that your students will just think they’re having fun!

1. Celebrate 100th day with crowns

DIY 100 days of school crowns.
Simply Sweet Teaching

Lay out supplies to make these fun crowns that are worth wearing to celebrate 100th day.

Learn more: 100 Days Crowns at Simply Sweet Teaching

2. Get your students up and moving

A colorful menu of 100th day physical activities as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Proud To Be Primary

Need 100th day of school ideas that get kids moving? Create a list like the one above, with different physical activities, and have students color in each row after they finish each activity.

Learn more: 100th Day Actions at Proud To Be Primary

3. Challenge students with counting stations

Colorful bins of math manipulatives to use for 100th day of school counting stations.
Teach Outside the Box via Instagram

Fill bins with various collections of 100 items and include a task card for students to complete. Set your bins out in stations and let the kids play (and learn!).

Learn more: Counting Stations @teachoutsidethebox via Instagram

4. Watch 100th day videos

Collage of video screenshots for 100th day classroom celebrations
We Are Teachers

Videos about the 100th day of school are great to get kids excited about the big event. Try some of these short videos in between activities or at the end of the day.

Learn more: 100th Day Videos at We Are Teachers

5. Set up writing stations

A colorful bin with the label:
Sweet and Sauer Firsties via Instagram

Include an activity that challenges students to write100 words. These can be favorite words, vocabulary words, names of people in their lives, or any words they choose!

Learn more: Writing Stations @sweetandsauerfirsties via Instagram

6. Make a 100th day poster

100th-day-poster as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Artsy Apple via Instagram

Have your students come up with 100 reasons why they love their friends, the class, their school, etc.

Learn more: 100 Reasons @artsyapple via Instagram

7. Make a gumball machine

Three printouts of gum ball machines filled with colorful paint dots
One Petite Teacher via Instagram

Just create a printout of these adorable gumball machines and have students add 100 gumballs with dot paint.

Learn more: Gumball Machine @onepetiteteacher via Instagram

8. Declare 100 as the “number of the day”

A colorful classroom chart explains math activities to do with the number of the day
Proud To Be Primary

On the 100th day of school, celebrate with any of the activities shown above. From writing the number to adding and subtracting to creating a number line—students will gain number sense as they celebrate a milestone day.

Learn more: Number of the Day at Proud To Be Primary

9. Make Cheerio necklaces

A young boy and girl stand proudly wearing their 100th day Cheerio necklaces and crowns
The Poppin’ Pineapple Teacher via Instagram

What’s more adorable than little kids stringing together Cheerio necklaces? Not only does this activity build find motor skills, it reinforces number sense.

Learn more: Cheerios necklaces @thepoppinpineappleteacher via Instagram

10. Build using 100 things

Children on the floor building 100 things with various materials as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Kotsi Kinders via Instagram

Round up individual supplies like cups, LEGO bricks, or other items in the classroom. Then let your kids get building!

Learn more: Build 100 Things @kotsikinders via Instagram

11. Create structures with 100 cups

Red plastic cups on a table are set beside a label that says
Two Librarians via Instagram

Encourage teamwork with this fun activity. Challenge students to build a 100-cup structure. The task will encourage strategy, communication, and teamwork to accomplish.

Learn more: Cup-Stacking @twolibrarians via Instagram

12. Create art from the number 100

A picture drawn by a young student using the number 100 to create a truck with a family inside
Mrs. Lieu via Instagram

Give students cutouts of 1-0-0 and have them come up with an original design using the numbers.

Source: 100 Pictures @MrsLieu_BTES via Instagram

13. Celebrate 100th day with 100 snacks

A student fill a hundreds chart with various snacks
LIttle Miss Tattooed Teacher via Instagram

One of our favorite 100th day of school ideas is, what else? Snacks! Put together this delicious snack, then have students count and cover the squares with each of them. When they get to 100, they get to eat their completed project.

Learn more: 100 Snacks @littlemisstattoedteacher via Instagram

14. Sing the 100 Days of School song

Your young students will love this catchy ditty that not only celebrates the day but reinforces counting by tens.

Learn more: 100th Day of School Song at The Kiboomers via YouTube

15. Write about being 100 years old

Students' art projects of themselves at the age of 100 as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Looking for 100th day of school ideas that incorporate writing and art? Have students create a picture of what they’ll look like at 100 years old and write a journal entry about what the world will be like.

Learn more: 100 Years Old at Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

16. Do math activities using hundreds charts

Hundreds Chart Activities for young students
We Are Teachers

Hundreds charts are a great source of activities on 100th day. We’ve gathered 20 different games and activities you can do with your students.

Learn more: 20 Hundreds Chart Activities at We Are Teachers

17. Collect 100 autographs

The cover of a 100 Autographs student book as an example of 100th day of school ideas
One Sharp Bunch

This sociable activity not only allows students to practice writing their names, it encourages community building. Set a timer and allow students to mingle, asking their classmates to add their autograph to each book.

Learn more: 100 Autographs at One Sharp Bunch

18. Bring 100 things to class to share

A printed assignment for a 100 Things Bag lies on a table surrounded by colored markers
Sunshine and Schooltime via Instagram

Invite your students to bring in 100 items of their choice to share with the class during circle time.

Learn more: 100 Things Bag @sunshineandschooltime via Instagram

19. Celebrate the 100th day with stories about the 100th day

Three books for 100th Day

Check out these examples: 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler, Rocket’s 100th Day of School by Tad Hills, and 100th Day of School From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler.

20. Build 100 with pattern blocks

A student fills in the shape of the number 100 with pattern blocks
One Sharp Bunch

Create a template of the number 100, then have students fill it in with pattern blocks. On a recording sheet, have them record how many of each shape they used to make the number 100.

Learn more: 100 Day Pattern Blocks at One Sharp Bunch

21. Read stories with 100 in the title

Three 100th Day books

Including Centipede’s 100 Shoes by Tony Ross, I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith, and The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.

22. Read nonfiction 100s books

Three nonfiction books for 100th Day

Even more book fun. 100 Things To Do Before You Grow Up from National Geographic Kids, 100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne, and 100 Inventions That Made History by DK Publishing.

23. Put together 100-piece puzzles

A glow in the dark puzzle in the box as an example of 100th day of school ideas

Little kids love putting together puzzles! Group them into teams and give them time to work on not only their cognitive and motor skills but their social skills as well.

Learn more: Puzzles on Amazon

24. Collect 100 smiles

A classroom assignment explaining a 100 smiles activity as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Joyful Learning in KC

What a joyful idea! Partner students up and send them off to collect 100 smiles from different people around school. Have them color one smiley face in each time they get a smile.

Learn more: 100 Smiles at Joyful Learning in KC

25. Brainstorm 100 acts of kindness to celebrate the 100th day

A child records an act of kindness on a class poster
Sparkling in Second Grade via Instagram

Leading up to the 100th day, create this poster. Then, at circle time, ask kids to brainstorm ideas to add to the list.

Learn more: 100 Acts of Kindness @sparklinginsecondgrade via Instagram

26. Go on a 100-hearts scavenger hunt

A collage of 4 activities to do with 100 hearts
Classroom 106 via X

This teacher hid gold hearts made from shiny wrapping paper around her class and challenged her students to find them all.

Learn more: 100 Hearts at Classroom 106 via Twitter/X

27. Count crayons

A collection of 100 crayons as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Party Mom Planners via Instagram

This activity is a great station for your 100 days celebration. Let students work in pairs and count out 100 crayons.

Learn more: 100 Crayons @partymomplanners via Instagram

28. Go on a Hershey’s Kiss scavenger hunt

A pile of Hershey's kisses, each with a colorful number sticker on the bottom
Ms. Melfi Educates via Instagram

This teacher hid 100 Hershey Kisses around the room and challenged her students to find them all. Each group had to find 10 Hershey Kisses and fill their ten-frame. Once every group fills their ten-frame, they match the numbers on the bottom of their Kisses to the hundreds chart.

Learn more: 100 Kisses @msmelfieducates via Instagram

29. Celebrate 100th day with a 100-link paper chain

A bright, colorful paper chain hangs from a dowel
Artists Helping Children

Younger kids may sometimes find it difficult to grasp just how long 100 days is. Creating this fun paper chain is a great way to teach them how large 100 of something is.

Learn more: 100th Day Paper Chain at Artists Helping Children

30. Set up 100-day math challenges

A poster with 100th day challenges hangs in a classroom as an example of 100th day of school ideas
Second Grade Sassy Pants via Instagram

This teacher created 18 different math tasks and challenged students to see how many they could complete in 100 minutes.

Learn more: Math Challenges @secondgradesassypants via Instagram

31. Create a 100-year bucket list

Colorful student-made buckets with the label
Smitten With First via Instagram

Talk about what a bucket list is with your students. Then sit down and ask them to think about what sorts of things they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. Have them add a few to their “Before I am 100” bucket list.

Learn more: 100 Bucket List @smittenwithfirst via Instagram

32. Make a book together

The cover of a booklet entitled "Things We've Been Told 100 Times"
Practical Primary Teacher via Instagram

Creating a book together is always a fun learning experience. This book in particular is sure to inspire a lot of laughs too. Gather your students on the rug and ask them for ideas to include in your book.

Learn more: Things We’ve Been Told @practicalprimaryteacher via Instagram

What exciting 100th day of school ideas do you have planned? Come and share in our We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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