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6 Free Math Performance Tasks for Grades K-5


Struggling to find math resources that resonate with your students and align with your curriculum goals? Discover how Marshall Cavendish’s Primary Mathematics can transform your math instruction. Try out these free performance tasks with the corresponding teacher guides to experience how students can demonstrate mastery through real-life application of mathematics. The newly launched curriculum is a print/digital core math program for elementary students. Get the performance tasks for grades K-5 and see just how many ways these resources will enhance your students’ math skills.

Let’s explore the performance task for each grade level topic below.

Kindergarten: Cultivate a love for numbers with Ande’s Nature Walk

Images of two pages of kindergarten math performance task

A captivating performance task designed to immerse young learners in the fundamentals of composing and decomposing numbers up to 10. Through this real-world adventure, students are not just learning, they are connecting, exploring, and finding joy in the world of mathematics.

1st Grade: Explore addition and subtraction with Balloon Adventures

Images of first grade math performance task

Math becomes an adventure in this performance task filled with narrative-rich word problems in addition and subtraction. Join characters Aki, Brooke, and Isabel as they navigate through balloon-related challenges, turning abstract mathematical concepts into relatable and engaging experiences.

2nd Grade: Enhance problem-solving skills with Shopping Math Adventures

Images of pages from the 2nd grade math performance tasks

A thoughtfully crafted performance task focusing on the essential skills of addition and subtraction using bar models. In this real-world shopping scenario, students employ bar models as a visual tool to solve both two-step and one-step word problems, strengthening their understanding and application of mathematical concepts.

3rd Grade: Discovering the World of Multiplication and Division

Images of 3rd grade math performance task

Embark on a mathematical adventure with your students as they delve into the complexities of multiplication and division with numbers 6 through 9. This performance task masterfully balances previous knowledge and introduces new challenges, guiding students through a progressive journey of understanding and skill acquisition.

4th Grade: The Mysteries of Multiplication and Division

Images of 4th grade math performance tasks

This task is a journey of numerical exploration, building on previous knowledge while introducing new challenges and concepts related to numbers 6 through 9.

5th Grade: Mastering fractions through pizza-purchase scenarios

Images from 5th grade math performance task

Engage students in a captivating and relatable performance task centered around adding and subtracting fractions in real-life pizza-purchase scenarios. This task boosts critical thinking and problem-solving skills while solidifying students’ understanding of fractions.

What sets Primary Mathematics apart?

The newly launched Primary Mathematics is a comprehensive K-5 math curriculum that uniquely combines U.S. standards with the renowned Singapore Math pedagogy. This program is meticulously designed to cater to every student, promoting equity and differentiation in the classroom. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Print/Digital Format: Integrated print/digital resources and interactive tools provide detailed teacher support to plan, develop, and deliver each lesson with confidence and effectiveness.
  • Singapore Math Pedagogy: This renowned approach ensures a deep understanding and the development of strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the use of rich tasks, visual models, productive struggle, and mathematical discourse. 
  • Equity and Differentiation: Every student is given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their starting point, with just-in-time differentiation resources for each lesson that help teachers meet students’ needs whether reteaching or extending math concepts.
  • Performance Tasks Aligned With Chapter Goals: Practical application and explanation of mathematical knowledge reinforce learning objectives.
  • Progression to Mastery: Skill integration from previous chapters and even grade levels builds a comprehensive understanding. Mastery is achieved through intentional sequencing and variation of concepts developing from the basic to the complex. Students learn to think mathematically, use the depth of knowledge from previous lessons, and apply the concepts and strategies in new ways.
  • Student and Teacher Rubrics: Tools for self-reflection, assessment, and targeted feedback ensure personalized learning.
  • Point-of-Use Teaching Support: Teacher resources provide support throughout the learning process with question prompts, lesson and chapter planning, teacher tips, and differentiation tools to address the needs of all learners.

Embrace the transformative power of Primary Mathematics and join a community of educators dedicated to nurturing mathematical excellence.

Download these free math performance tasks today to get a sneak peek at the engaging resources Primary Mathematics offers.

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