Give the gift of creativity.

Teacher appreciation

Finding the perfect Teacher Appreciation Week gift for your child’s teacher can feel like an overwhelming task. But rather than purchasing teacher gifts this year, why not get creative with the gifting? Handmade DIY teacher gifts can be personalized and they show how much students really appreciate their teachers. Instead of grabbing a last-minute gift at the store, check out this list of easy DIY teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving DIY teacher gifts; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

Teacher appreciation gift that is coffee themed with words
Just Add Confetti

1. Thanks a Latte

Fuel their love of caffeine with this adorable way to showcase a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Perfect for the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Week!


Get tutorial: Thanks a Latte Gift Idea

Crazy Little Projects

2. Creative Gift Card Holder

Not into coffee? This adorable holder presents any restaurant gift card you choose in such a fun way.


Get tutorial: Printable Gift Card Holders

Thank you card with apple drawing- DIY Teacher Gifts
Easy Peasy and Fun

3. Handmade Thank-You Card

Sometimes a thank-you card is the perfect way to show your appreciation. This apple card made with tissue paper is the perfect gift for your little one to help create for their teacher. Creative enough to stand on its own, or pair it with any other gift.


Get tutorial: Tissue Paper Apple Card

Bouquet made out of pencils
My Mommy World

4. Bouquet of Pencils

This bouquet of pencils is so on point. Teachers will adore this creative and useful gift.


Get tutorial: Pencil Bouquet at Play Ideas

Basket with movie-themed gifts
Skip to My Lou

5. Movie-Themed Basket

Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher with this movie gift basket. Add their favorite candies to personalize this DIY gift.


Learn more: Movie Gift Card

Im going to be one smart cookie with you as my teacher
A Pumpkin & a Princess

6. Cookie Tote

These DIY cookie tote gifts are perfect for any teacher who loves baked goods. What a sweet surprise!


Get tutorial: Cookie Teacher Gift Printable

Thank you gift that is umbrella themed
Paintbrushes and Popsicles

7. Personalized Umbrella

Teachers will love this simple, personalized umbrella gift for any occasion. Re-create one of these special DIY teacher gifts for under $20.


Get tutorial: Umbrella Gift Tag

Chalkboard wreath with crayons
A Pumpkin & a Princess

8. Chalkboard Crayon Wreath

This chalkboard crayon wreath requires some extra creativity and time, but the end result is so worth it! Encourage your child to work on this project with you to make it extra special for their teacher.


Get tutorial: Chalkboard Crayon Wreath

Emergency kit thank you box- DIY Teacher Gifts
The 36th Avenue

9. School Survival Kit

Every teacher needs one of these teacher survival kits! Fill it up with all sorts of goodies like candy, lotion, and lip balm. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, use stencils and paint to create the front of the box.


Get tutorial: Back to School Emergency Kit

Vanilla sugar scrub and cranberries
Made in a Pinch

10. Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Give the gift of relaxation to teachers. This homemade vanilla sugar scrub is simple to create and will smell amazing!


Get tutorial: 3-Ingredient Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Cookie ingredients in a jar- DIY Teacher Gifts
Vegan Huggs

11. Cookie Mix in a Jar

For a quick and easy DIY teacher gift, try out this cookie mix in a jar. Assemble all of the ingredients on top of one another to create the gorgeous layered effect.


Get tutorial: Cranberry-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

Self care kit
The Rising Spoon

12. Self-Care Kit

Provide some pampering for your child’s favorite teacher with this self-care kit. They will especially appreciate one of these DIY teacher gifts during the winter months!


Get tutorial: DIY Self-Care Gift Basket

Succulents with thank you notes in them- DIY Teacher Gifts
Three Kids and a Fish

13. Potted Succulent

Succulents are more popular than ever, making them the perfect DIY teacher gifts. Include a personalized note from your child to wrap up this cute gift.


Get tutorial: Succulent DIY Gift for Teachers

Straws with thank you note on them
Lisa Storms

14. Lemonade Cups

Grab a tumbler and some lemonade packets for this simple gift. Teachers will especially appreciate this for summer vacation.


Get tutorial: Lemonade Cups

Terracotta cups with hershey kisses in them
The Krazy Coupon Lady

15. Terra-Cotta Candy Holder

This creative candy holder is a great gift for back to school. Include some tasty treats inside the painted pot.


Get tutorial: DIY Terracotta Apple

Snowman Cups
Almost Supermom

16. Personalized Snowman Mug

We love these cozy snowman mugs in the wintertime! Gift one to your child’s teacher with their name on it. How cute!


Get tutorial: Personalized Snowman Mugs

Hand sanitizer with hand cutouts on them
Modern Mom Life

17. Hands Down You’re the Best

Teachers always appreciate a good-smelling hand soap. This DIY gift is so easy to make and really shows your appreciation for your child’s teacher.


Get tutorial: DIY Hands Down Teacher Appreciation Gift

Frame with crayons spelling out the letter
Confidence Meets Parenting

18. Crayon Picture Frame

Colorful and cute, this crayon picture frame will be sure to wow any teacher. Use any picture frame and a pack of crayons to achieve this personalized present.


Get tutorial: Crayon Monogram

Hot chocolate and fuzzy socks gift-wrapped- DIY Teacher Gifts
Crisp Collective

19. Hot Chocs and Fuzzy Socks

Wintertime means cozying up with a mug of hot cocoa wearing some fuzzy socks. Gift this adorable idea to a teacher.


Get tutorial: Hot Chocs and Fuzzy Socks

Globes with painted names and flowers on them
Honey We’re Home

20. Personalized Mini Globes

Show a teacher they deserve the world with these spray-painted mini globes.


Get tutorial: DIY Painted Globe

Oven mitt with thank you note on them- DIY Teacher Gifts
Eighteen 25

21. I Have To Ad-Mitt You’re a Sweet Teacher

How cute is this oven mitt stuffed with baking goodies? Gift this DIY teacher gift to a baking-obsessed teacher for the holiday season.


Get tutorial: Oven Mitt Gift

Soap craft
Mod Podge Rocks

22. Mod Podge Soap Craft

Spice up your teacher’s favorite soap scent by using Mod Podge to decoupage a flower or cute design on a soap bar. This craft is super quick and easy and can be personalized to your teacher’s preferences.


Get tutorial: Mod Podge Soap Craft

Flower pounding tea towel
Hearth and Vine

23. Flower-Pounded Tea Towel

To turn your DIY gift into a fun craft with your kid, consider this flower-pounded tea towel. Super cute to spice up a teacher’s kitchen or bathroom.


Get tutorial: Flower-Pounded Tea Towel

Starburst cup- DIY Teacher Gifts
Be Sew Crafty

24. You’re the Star of Our School

This DIY teacher gift is perfect for the teacher with a sweet tooth. Fill a reusable cup with candy and attach a homemade sign as a sweet touch.


Get tutorial: Starburst Cup

Flowers with sign saying thank you for helping Bella BLOOM!
Skip to My Lou

25. Bouquet With Personalized Tag

For a last-minute DIY gift, grab a bouquet of your teacher’s favorite flowers. Add a personalized tag, or this tag we found, and write your kid’s name on it to add that extra love.


Get tutorial: Last-Minute Teacher Appreciation Gift

Eraser kit- DIY Teacher Gifts

26. Whiteboard Eraser Kit

Make this easy eraser kit to gift your teacher some essentials they just never can have enough of. Write your teacher’s name on the whiteboard eraser for a personal touch.


Get tutorial: Whiteboard Eraser Kit

Rolo pencils
Skip to My Lou

27. Rolo Pencils

This super-cute gift idea is easy to make. Get a pack of Rolos and a pack of Hershey Kisses, and use the printable below to create a cute pencil made of chocolate.


Get tutorial: Rolo Pencil Thank-You Gift

Apple print tote bag- DIY Teacher Gifts
Crayons and Croissants

28. Apple Print Tote Bag

Super cute and a fun craft, this tote bag teacher gift will definitely show your teacher how much your kid cares for them.


Get tutorial: DIY Apple Print Tote Bag

Crayon can vase
Sugar Bee Crafts

29. Crayon Vase

This teacher appreciation gift is perfect because it can serve multiple purposes, both in the classroom and at home.


Get tutorial: DIY Crayon Vase

Chalkboard mason jar
A Pumpkin & a Princess

30. Chalkboard Mason Jar

To make this chalkboard mason jar, take an old mason jar and simply paint it with chalkboard paint. Write a fun customized message to gift it to your teacher. Add some #2 pencils in the jar to show some extra love.


Get tutorial: Chalkboard Mason Jar Teacher Gift

Bag with nail polish inside- DIY Teacher Gifts
Eighteen 25

31. Toe-Tally Awesome Teacher

Find out your teacher’s favorite color, and buy some nail polish in different shades. Then, get the free printable below and attach it to the nail polishes for a quirky gift.


Get tutorial: Toe-Tally Awesome Gift Bag

Sharpie kit
The Cents Ables

32. Color a Life Forever

This teacher appreciation gift is super simple. Buy a pack of Sharpies, and tape or glue the free printable below onto the pack for a gift your teacher will be sure to appreciate.


Get tutorial: Sharpie Gift Printable

Lavender Lemon scrub- DIY Teacher Gifts
One Little Project

33. Homemade Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub is super easy to put together and needs only a couple of ingredients. Plus it can be customized to fit your teacher’s favorite scents.


Get tutorial: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Coffee cup candles
Sweet Cayenne

34. Coffee Cup Candles

These candles in a coffee cup are adorable and serve multiple purposes for the coffee lover. For bonus points, find a unique mug at the local consignment store.


Get tutorial: DIY Coffee Cup Candles

Flower pounding canvas- DIY Teacher Gifts
First Day of Home

35. Flower-Pounding Art

For a sentimental DIY piece of art and a fun craft, check out the tutorial below!


Get tutorial: DIY Flower-Pounding Art

Hand sanitizer that says thank you for all that you do- DIY Teacher Gifts
The Krazy Coupon Lady

36. Personalized Hand Sanitizer

To create a simple yet useful gift, buy a pack of hand sanitizer and either print out or hand-write a note to show that you care. Teachers can never have enough hand sanitizer for their classroom or car!


Get tutorial: Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Bath bomb teacher gift- DIY Teacher Gifts
The Krazy Coupon Lady

37. You’re the (Bath) Bomb!

Grab a yummy-smelling bath bomb, then cut out a piece of black paper to draw a fake bomb. Write “You’re the bomb!” on it and give your teacher something that will be sure to make them relax after a long year.


Get tutorial: Bath Bomb Gift

tea teacher gift
The Krazy Coupon Lady

38. For the TEA-riffic Teacher

Find a vintage or unique mug to personalize this easy gift. Grab some tea bags and print out or hand-write “To a TEA-riffic teacher!” with your kid’s name.


Get tutorial: Tea-riffic DIY Teacher Gift

Apple spice candles- DIY Teacher Gifts
Happiness Is Homemade

39. DIY Apple Candles

This gift is such a cute take on the classic trope of “giving your teacher an apple,” and it smells yummy too!


Get tutorial: DIY Apple Spice Candles

Wood slice coasters
Crafts by Amanda

40. Wood Slice Coasters

These wood slice coasters are the perfect way to get creative with your kid. All you need are paints, paintbrushes, and some simple circle-cut wood slices to DIY a precious coaster for your teacher.


Get tutorial: Coastal Wood Slice Coasters

Beaded picture frame- DIY Teacher Gifts
Teach Me Mommy

41. DIY Beaded Picture Frame

This beaded picture frame will be so fun for you and your kid to put together. Be sure to find a cute photo of your teacher and the classroom to really bring the gift together.


Get tutorial: Beaded photo frame

Heart frame

42. Homemade Heart Frame

This is such a cute gift to get the entire classroom involved with. Have each student draw and color on a heart printout, and seal each heart in a photo frame to give your teacher a gift they will never forget.


Get tutorial: Paper hearts gift

Extra gum gift wrapped
The Pennywise Mama

43. Thanks for Going the Extra Mile!

Use the printout below to add a sweet touch to a simple pack of gum. Teachers will NEVER be upset about receiving gum!


Get tutorial: Gum gift

Ofishally the best!- DIY Teacher Gifts
Edible Arrangements

44. O”fish”ally the Best!

Get a bag of Swedish fish and write out on a piece of paper “You are o’fish’ally the best”! Tie the candy with a bow and gift it to the teacher in your life who has a sweet tooth.


Get tutorial: Swedish Fish Gift

Teacher's emergency stash kit- DIY Teacher Gifts
Eighteen 25

45. Teacher’s Emergency (Candy) Stash

Grab a bunch of your teacher’s favorite candy or chocolate and put it in a plastic organizer box for your teacher to throw in their desk. Just don’t let the other students see!


Get tutorial: Teacher Emergency Stash

Highlighter pack
Avery Blog

46. Highlight of My Year

Grab a pack of highlighters and use card stock to write out a thoughtful message, ending it with the line “Being in your class has been the highlight of my year!” Your teacher will love the extra highlighters for their desk.


Get tutorial: Highlighter Gift

Clear jars of popcorn
Avery Blog

47. Pop-ular Teacher

Fill some clear mason jars with popcorn and use the free printable below for an easy and yummy gift. To make your teacher love your kid even more, switch out the popcorn for some kettle corn!


Get tutorial: Popcorn Teacher Gift

Smore gift
Teachers Pay Teachers

48. Yummy S’more Gift

This gift will definitely come in under $1 each when you buy the supplies in bulk. You can create your own printable or get one from Etsy.


Get tutorial: S’more Time

Ombre bookmarks

49. Ombre Bookmarks

This is a project you can easily put together. Make a bookmark out of paint sample cards and a ribbon … so simple and so cute!


Get tutorial: Paint sample cards gift

Flower bookmarks
The Spruce Crafts

50. Flower Bookmarks

If you want a bit more of a challenge but want to keep with the bookmark theme, switch it up and make cute floral bookmarks from colored paper.


Get tutorial: Flower Bookmarks

Pressed flower bookmark
Lovely Indeed

51. Pressed-Flower Bookmarks

If your teacher is more into nature, step things up and use actual flowers to create this beautiful pressed-flower bookmark. You can also use the pressed flowers for crafts below.


Get tutorial: Pressed-Flower Bookmarks

Lightsaber bookmark
Crafts by Amanda

52. Lightsaber Bookmarks

Does your teacher love Star Wars? This DIY teacher gift is the perfect combination of fun and useful for the reader and Star Wars lover.


Get tutorial: Lightsaber Bookmarks

Pop up teacher card
It’s Always Autumn

53. DIY Pop-Up Card

All you need for this super fun pop-up card is the free cut-out template below and some patience.


Get tutorial: DIY cards

Stress balls
The Spruce Crafts

54. Stress Balls

Want to thank your teacher while simultaneously giving them an outlet for their stress? This easy DIY stress ball is both super useful and super funny to gift.


Get tutorial: DIY Stress Balls

Origami apple
The Spruce Crafts

55. Origami Apple

Gift your teacher an apple they can keep on their desk all year without it spoiling whatsoever. Get the tutorial below.


Get tutorial: Origami Apple

Bubblegum mason jar with words You've BLOWN my mind this year!
30 Days of Recipes

56. You’ve Blown My Mind!

Grab a mason jar and fill it with gumballs. Use the free printable tag below and some twine for one of the yummiest DIY teacher gifts.


Get tutorial: Bubblegum Gift

Teaching is your jam gift
Kate’s Kitchen

57. Teaching Is Your Jam

Get a jar of jam from your local farmers market and use the cute free printable below to gift your teacher something yummy they will enjoy.


Get tutorial: Teacher Jam Gift

Lifesaver gift
It’s Written on the Wall

58. You’re a Lifesaver

Buy some lifesaver candy packs from the dollar store and use the free printable below to attach to the candy. Just be warned: Your teacher might finish these off in a day!


Get tutorial: Lifesaver Gift

Apple cookies

59. Apple Cookies

If you love to bake, try these super-cute apple-shaped cookies to gift to your teacher. They will definitely love them.


Get tutorial: Apple-Shaped Cookies

Apple cupcakes
Make and Takes

60. Apple Cupcakes

If cupcakes are more your thing, make a batch and add cute apple icing to show your teacher love!


Get tutorial: Apple Cupcakes

Teacher cupcakes

61. Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

Check out these cute cupcake toppers to add to an easy cupcake recipe to make it your own.


Get tutorial: School Cupcakes

Easily Customizable DIY Teacher Gifts

Personalized notepads

62. Customized notepads

Personalize this set of four notepads for your teacher so they can jot down reminders and ideas with a personal touch.

Buy it: Notepads 

Customized Keychain- DIY Teacher Gifts

63. Customized Key Chain

This handmade leather key chain, customized with your teacher’s name, is a perfect teacher appreciation gift.

Buy it: Key Chain 

Photo keepsake

64. Apple for the Teacher Photo Keepsake

Got classroom photos? Why not make them into a custom photo keepsake for your teacher?

Buy it: Apple for the Teacher 

Personalized Teacher Library Stamp- DIY Teacher Gifts
Personalized stanley cup

66. Personalized Stanley Cup

Gift your teacher a super-cute and trendy Stanley cup with their initial to show how much you care.

Buy it: Stanley Cup

thank you card
Tribute video

68. Custom Video Montage

Another one of the best DIY teacher gifts. Assemble a video montage with Tribute! Their easy-to-use tools allow you to do it yourself, or you can pay a little more and have a professional put together something spectacular.

Buy it: Tribute Video Montage

Personalized stationery note cards
- DIY Teacher Gifts

69. Personalized Stationery Note Cards

Teachers often find themselves writing notes to coworkers, principals, or parents. Help them send a adorable, personalized note next time they send a message with this set of stationery.

Buy it: Note Cards 

Leather clipboard

70. Leather Clipboard

Pick up a high-quality leather clipboard for the perfect gift. You can personalize it with initials or their name in a variety of text options.

Buy it: Leather Clipboard

Greeting card
Personalization Mall

71. Personalized Greeting Card

This easy-to-create card offers personalization while giving your child the chance to add their own special touch.

Buy it: Oversized Coloring Greeting Card 

Cosmetic bag- DIY Teacher Gifts
Personalized teacher stickers

73. Personalized Labels

Since gifts like mugs and ornaments can pile up at home for a teacher, a useful yet still thoughtful one like this one will be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Buy it: This Belongs to Labels

Welcome to our classroom sign

74. Personalized Door Sign

We love this gift idea especially for first-year teachers. We can’t think of anything more welcoming to students and visitors than this sweet sign.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Sign for Classroom

Teacher sign that says Mrs Bennet

75. Custom Teacher Name Sign

This sign is super cute and your teacher will love being able to switch up their desk name tag.

Buy it: Teacher Sign

Tote bag

76. Custom Tote Bag

Give this customized tote bag to your teacher and they will have heads turning in the school hallway. This bag is fashionable as well as super useful.

Buy it: Personalized Tote Bag

Teacher face stamp- DIY Teacher Gifts

77. Personalized Face Stamp

This gift will be sure to have your teacher laughing! Find a photo of them and send it to get transferred to a custom stamp, so that when your teacher is grading quizzes, they can add a personal touch.

Buy it: Face Stamp


78. Custom Bookmark

This bookmark can be customized to include any personal message, but a “thank you for being part of my story” with your teacher’s name would be perfect.

Buy it: Customized Bookmark

Glitter pencil pen

79. Glitter Pencil Pen

This customized pencil pen will shock the classroom. With the ability to customize the name on the pen and simultaneously bling out a cute pen, this teacher appreciation gift is worth the money.

Buy it: Glitter Pencil Pen

Succulent box

80. Succulent Box

Buy this succulent box and fill in what type of card you want with a specific customized message to please the artsy teacher in your life.

Buy it: Succulent Box

Teacher caricature in frame

81. Customized Teacher Caricature

This gift will have your teacher rolling on the floor laughing. Send in a photo of your teacher, and get back a cartoonified version. It makes the perfect gift!

Buy it: Teacher Caricature

DIY flower bouquet made of paper- DIY Teacher Gifts

82. DIY Flower Bouquet

This bouquet is fun for you and your kid to put together. Buy the downloadable bouquet pack, and simply print and cut out the individual flowers to make one of the more unique DIY teacher gifts.

Buy it: Teacher Flower Bouquet Download

Beaded keychain

83. Beaded Key Chain

This customizable key chain is super cute for the more boho teacher in your life. You can pick from a bunch of different colors and customize what the key chain says.

Buy it: Customizable Teacher Key Chain

Cutting board

84. Personalized Cutting Board

Does your teacher have a passion for cooking? Gift them this customizable wooden cutting board! You can add any message you want.

Buy it: Customizable Cutting Board

Teacher whistle

85. Custom Teacher Whistle

Engrave a whistle for your teacher for both a cute and useful gift wrapped up in one. Here’s to hoping they don’t use it inside of the classroom!

Buy it: Personalized Whistle

Spa pack

86. Teacher Appreciation Spa Pack

Pamper your teacher with this teacher appreciation spa pack. The best part? You can customize which letter comes on the clear bag for a special touch.

Buy it: Spa Pack

Sweatshirt with words Mrs Jackson written on it

87. Personalized Sweatshirt

Who wouldn’t want a cute sweatshirt with their own name embroidered on it? Grab one for your teacher below.

Buy it: Personalized Sweatshirt

Teacher shirt

88. Personalized T-Shirt

Or grab a personalized shirt for warmer weather.

Buy it: Personalized Shirt

Plus, check out our big list of teacher gifts in every price range.

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