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Addressing The Critical Impact of Chronic Absenteeism


Chronic absenteeism has become a growing issue on a nationwide scale, one that jumped significantly after the pandemic hit. Michael Hale, Director of College, Career & Citizenship + Innovation Educator at Casco Bay High School in Portland, Maine, says that the percentage of ongoing chronic absenteeism has almost doubled, and with it comes other detrimental effects that can severely derail the futures of afflicted students. 

“One thing that is a real concern is that chronic absenteeism is now nationally at 30%,” Hale says “Before now, pre-pandemic, it was roughly 15 to 16%, which already seems high. And I don’t know anybody that’s in education who’s heard that number that hasn’t been floored. We all have different ideas of what the issues are. But collectively, this is a major concern for the county.”

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