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Administrative Professionals Day 2024: Celebrate Your Office Staff


April is the time to celebrate the office staff who keep things running smoothly every single day. Find out when we observe Administrative Professionals Day 2024, plus explore creative and meaningful ways to celebrate your school’s admin support staff.

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

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The last full week of April is Administrative Professionals Week, a time to honor hardworking administrative assistants and office support staff. This includes all the school secretaries, receptionists, and other office workers that keep your school running smoothly, day after day. The Wednesday of that week is the official Administrative Professionals Day, and most people use that day for gifts, lunches, and other recognition events.

This holiday got its start back in 1952, when it was known as “National Secretaries Week” and “National Secretaries Day.” Over time, the duties of office support staff evolved and so did their titles. In 2000, the name of this holiday was changed to Administrative Professionals Day.

When is Administrative Professionals Day 2024?

In 2024, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 24.

10 Ways To Celebrate School Office Staff on Administrative Professionals Day 2024

1. Write thank-you notes

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Heartfelt thank-you notes are one of the best ways to celebrate administrative professionals. Invite teachers, students, and families to contribute to your collection, sharing their appreciation for these hardworking heroes. (Tip: Use the free printable card from our collection for an easy way to say thanks.)

2. Decorate their desk

Balloons, streamers, signs … whatever it takes to let them know just how special they are! Invite students and parents to help out, making custom posters or decorating with favorite colors.

3. Treat them to breakfast or lunch

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This is a perennial favorite. Whether you bring them delicious breakfast croissants or take them out for a well-deserved lunch break, this is one way to make school administrative professionals feel appreciated.

4. Sing them a serenade

If you really want to sing your admin assistants’ praises, what better way than with a serenade? Gather a group of students and sing them the school song. Even better? Write a song that’s customized just for them!

5. Send them flowers

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It’s a classic move but one that remains popular for good reason. If you want a more modern twist, look for a beautiful plant in a unique planter they can keep for years.

6. Honor them in the morning announcements

If your school does video announcements, this is the perfect opportunity to add a segment featuring your admin assistants! Put together a slideshow, or interview them to help everyone get to know them a little better.

7. Feature them on social media

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Take a few great pictures, then post them on your school’s social media accounts. Don’t forget to share all the ways these important people make your school better every day.

8. Upgrade their coffee station

Admin professionals (just like teachers) run on coffee. Does their station need a new machine or a jumbo refill on their favorite coffee pods? You can even add some snacks (healthy or otherwise) to give them a little extra fuel.

9. Buy them a gift card

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Gift cards are always appreciated, especially when paired with a thoughtful thank-you card or note. Choose from this list of gift card favorites and you can’t go wrong!

10. Give them a hand

How can you help make their workload a little lighter? Ask student or parent volunteers to help out! Try it for Administrative Professionals Day, or make it a year-round program.

How do you recognize and celebrate school support staff? Come share your ideas and ask for advice in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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