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Best Teacher Prom Dresses and Suits, Recommended by Teachers


If you’re a teacher, you know that prom doesn’t end when you graduate. While you may wish you were spending your school’s prom night in your sweatpants rewatching The Office for the 17th time while eating takeout, you get to relive prom each and every year you get asked to chaperone. Whether or not you appreciate the nostalgia, it’s fair to say that teachers are running on fumes at this time of year. Decision fatigue is at an all-time high, and the last thing you want to think about is what you should wear to prom now that you’re an adult. Here are some teacher prom dresses, suits, and accessories to inspire your look.

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Teacher Prom Dresses

Teacher Prom Suits for Men and Women

Our Favorite Teacher Prom Dresses and Accessories

1. Pink Princess

Pink dress, white heels and diamond earrings.
We Are Teachers; Red Dress

I imagine that wearing this dress as an adult chaperone of prom would feel like a real Cinderella moment. It’s ruffles, powder pink, sparkly shoes, and glitzy earrings. This look can be achieved without the fairy godmother, and in this fairy tale, all you want is to be home before midnight. 

Get the look: Pink Multi Dress at Red Dress; Silver Earrings at Red Dress; Nude Sparkly Heels at Red Dress

2. Little Black Dress

A little black dress, black heels and gold hoop earrings.
We Are Teachers; Nordstrom; Amazon; Red Dress

You can’t go wrong with an LBD! This dress is classy and sophisticated. I like the subtle earrings, and coupled with a simple updo, you could keep it casual but still look polished and professional. The strappy sandals will be a summer staple and can be worn in the classroom when the end of the school year is approaching.

Get the look: Tulip Sleeve Lace Dress at Nordstrom; Low Blacks Heels at Amazon; Gold Hoop Earrings at Red Dress

3. Flower Power

Emerald flowy dress, sequin purse and heels.
We Are Teachers; ASOS

Maybe you’ll get lucky and the DJ will play a Fleetwood Mac song just for you! This dress is fun and flattering. If this dress could talk, she would say, “Hey, I feel like sunshine and I smell like a Voluspa candle burning at Anthropologie. I am cool and funky and pair well with a silver purse (that you can put a Diet Coke in!).”

Get the look: Chiffon Maxi Green Dress at ASOS; Strappy Sparkly Heeled Sandals at ASOS; Silver Shoulder Bag at ASOS

4. Sequins and Sparkles

Navy blue dress, silver heels and silver clutch.- teacher prom dresses
We Are Teachers; Amazon; ASOS

I think this dress warrants a slow walk into the prom to “Happier” by Olivia Rodrigo. You have to sashay in this dress. It is long and flowy and there is plenty of room for movement. You can do the shopping-cart dance and watch as your students flinch and whisper, “She’s so cringey.” Don’t worry though, the sequins on this dress deflect negativity and refract light and good vibes.

Get the look: Round Neck Sequin Maxi Dress at Amazon; Silver Glitter Heeled Mules at ASOS; Silver Clutch Evening Bag at Amazon

5. Hollywood Glam

A gold long dress, silver heels and long silver earrings.
We Are Teachers; Dillard’s; DSW; Amazon

If the prom that you’re chaperoning has an Old Hollywood theme with a red carpet to walk in on, how can you not wear this outfit? This look is serving up Marilyn Monroe vibes. A fun way to complete the look would be some classic Old Hollywood curls and some flash photography while you practice poses on the red carpet.

Get the look: Metallic Wrap Gown at Dillard’s; Silver Metallic Heeled Sandals at DSW; Crystal Tassel Earrings at Amazon

6. Gatsby Gala

A gatsby
We Are Teachers; Amazon

Where are my Gatsby groupies? Put your hands in the air like you’re reaching for the green light! I teach high school English, and when I taught The Great Gatsby, we’d end the unit with a Gatsby Gala. Yes, it was in my classroom, and we used paper plates and Styrofoam cups, but we still dressed in our best 1920s garb. I love a theme, especially when it’s connected to literature, so I would definitely wear this dress both at the prom and in my own classroom. If you’re looking for teacher prom dresses that will give you mileage beyond the big night, this is the look for you.

Get the look: Champagne Sequin Maxi Dress at Amazon; Crystal Flower Pearl Purse at Amazon; Silver Crystal Flower Earrings at Amazon; Gold Glitter Pumps at Amazon; Gold Glitter Heeled Sandals at Amazon; Rhinestone Flapper Headband at Amazon

7. Green Glitz

A long emerald green dress, earrings and silver heels.
We Are Teachers; Amazon

Picture this: “Who are you wearing today, Miss?” “Oh, Amazon, head-to-toe Amazon, thank you.” *Twirl* Green is a power color this season. Tip: Pair a green teacher prom dress with gold, sparkly heels, and waltz through door looking like you’re stepping out of an Emerald City dream.

Get the look: Light Green Short-Sleeve Evening Dress at Amazon; Rose Gold Pearl Drop Earrings at Amazon; Gold Glitter Ankle Strap Stilettos at Amazon

8. Lady in Red

teacher prom dresses
We Are Teachers; Amazon

The only drawback to this dress is that you will have the song “Lady in Red” in your head the entire night. It does come in seven different colors if you decide you can’t handle the song. The dress is sophisticated with all of its lace detail and pretty shape. This look has a timeless quality to it. You could wear this at future proms or to weddings this summer.

Get the look: Red Lace Cocktail Dress at Amazon; Silver Low-Heel Sandals at Amazon; Silver CZ Teardrop Earrings at Amazon

9. Pleated Party Dress

Pleated black dress, dangle earring and black heels.
We Are Teachers; Amazon; H&M

I love that this one could be dressed up or dressed down. If you wear it to prom, you could throw on some heels. If you want to wear it in your classroom, trade your heels for sandals. You could make it even more teacher-ready by adding a cold-classroom staple: the cardigan.

Get the look: Pleated Chiffon Dress at Amazon; Open Toe Heels at Amazon; Large Earrings at H&M

10. The Flowy, Feminine, and Floral Dress

Pink flowy dress, gold earrings and brown heels.
We Are Teachers; Amazon

Another dress that you can easily wear beyond prom. Imagine leaving your stacks of grading and your hands free of ink stains, maybe a manicure and bouncy fresh hair (absent of all messy buns and dry shampoo), and frolicking into a brunch on a Sunday afternoon with friends you haven’t seen in a year. That is the expectation that this dress holds. This dress can take you to prom and place you in a Nora Ephron movie the very next day. 

Get the look: Long Sleeved Maxi Dress at Amazon; Brown Sandal Heels at Amazon; Gold Hoop Earring Set at Amazon

11. The Leopard Look

Leopard dress, gold heels and gold hoops.
We Are Teachers; Amazon

This dress comes in several different print options and has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. It’s not over-the-top fancy and definitely can be worn in the classroom as well as working as one of the perfect teacher prom dresses. You can dress her up with accessories and dress her down Monday through Friday. 

Get the look: Maxi Boho Dress at Amazon; Gold Sandal Heels at Amazon; Gold Hoop Earrings at Amazon

Our Favorite Teacher Prom Suits and Accessories for Men and Women

12. The Tuxedo Edit

Black jumpsuit, gold earring and black heels.
We Are Teachers; Amazon; Target

This outfit is giving me Saturday Night Fever vibes. I love a nod to the traditional prom tuxedo. I love the colors of this ensemble. It reminds me of the cinematic classic Troop Beverly Hills “Khaki Wishes and Cookie Dreams.” If traditional teacher prom dresses aren’t for you, try this look. You will definitely look like the cool prom chaperone.

Get the look: Tuxedo Jumpsuit at Amazon; Closed Toe Chunky Heels at Amazon; Drop Earrings at Target

13. The Elegant Jumpsuit

Black jumpsuit with a black clutch and black heels.
We Are Teachers; Amazon

Something about a pantsuit just feels effortlessly put together and edgy. You look like the one who knows exactly what to wear and you don’t need any frills to show-out, you just do in an outfit like this. Add some heels, a clutch, and some jewelry and you’re ready to do the gritty on that prom dance floor. 

Get the look: Flowy Romper Pantsuit at Amazon; Black Heel Sandals at Amazon; Black Clutch at Amazon

14. The Pink Power Suit

Bright pink suit and white heels.- teacher prom dresses
We Are Teachers; Red Dress

I know there are some that loathe the color pink. You may see this look and gag or, hopefully, just scroll on. For the rest of you though, how can you not smile when you see this pink suit? I don’t want to guarantee that this suit will pull you out of a seasonal depression because that would be irresponsible and reckless, but if an outfit did have that kind of power, this one would be it. Pull up to prom rocking your pink suit and I’d be willing to bet it’s got enough magic in it to get you out on the dance floor for the Cupid Shuffle. 

Get the look: Pink Blazer at Red Dress; Pink Pants at Red Dress; Torin Bone Heels at Red Dress

15. Casual Cool

Black slack pants, white tailored shirt, black loafers and floral tie.
We Are Teachers; Nordstrom; Express

Where are all my khaki-pants-with-a-button-down teachers at? This look is for you. This look says “I am hip and put together. I am just here to do my job and look good while doing it.” Everyone loves a floral tie and a peekaboo accessory that reminds everyone you are fun.

Get the look: Skinny-Fit Textured Dress Pants at Nordstrom; Black Leather Penny Loafers at Nordstrom; Slim Oxford Dress Shirt at Express; Black Floral Print Tie at Express

16. Statement Suit

Navy suit, white tailored shirt and a light-blue floral tie.- teacher prom dresses
We Are Teachers; Express

If you’re the kind of teacher that is a little kooky, the kind that looks forward to spirit weeks, and the kind that has a quirky collection of socks, this look is for you. This blue suit is bold and fun! In the words of Ke$ha, “the party don’t start till I walk in.” This isn’t for the quiet teacher, this is for the teacher who starts a conga line or ends up breakdancing in a circle of teenagers.

Get the look: Blue Floral Print Tie at Express; Blue Suit Pant at Express; Blue Suit Jacket at Express

17. Floral for Men

Khaki pants, floral shirt and rust colored tie.
We Are Teachers; Express; Target; Ties

I love floral for both men and women. Keep it simple and pair this floral shirt with a tie and your favorite chino pants and you’re all set! 

Get the look: Floral Print Shirt at Express; Tan Pants at Target; Brown Skinny Tie at Ties

18. Classically Cool

Navy blue tailored pants, blue tie and blue checkered shirt.- teacher prom dresses
We Are Teachers; Amazon

If you’re most comfortable in a button-down shirt that you can wear in the classroom, to chaperone prom, and maybe a fancy date night, we’ve got your look right here. This is a shirt you can get plenty of miles in, and you can dress it up with a suit jacket or keep it cool with a tie. 

Get the look: Plaid Button-Down Shirt at Amazon; Khaki Trousers at Amazon; Navy Slim Tie at Amazon

Looking for more teacher outfit ideas other than teacher prom dresses and suits? Check out Best Casual Dresses (With Pockets!) for Teachers.

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