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Edtech Show & Tell: April 2024



Welcome to the April Edtech Show & Tell, in which our editors share some of the new edtech products that have caught our attention this month. These are not reviews or endorsements, but a showcase of education-friendly items, platforms, and more that we think might be noteworthy for you. 

This month’s new offerings include an AI study bot, an all-in-one display solution, a multisensory math tutoring program, and more. 

April Edtech Show & Tell

Numerade AceChat

(Image credit: Numerade)

Numerade AceChat
AceChat is a video-based AI Study Bot for STEM which gives learners access to step-by-step solutions and video tutorials to facilitate comprehension of complex STEM topics. AceChat provides an interactive, multimodal solution for learners, featuring text, video, and images. Students benefit by receiving real-time feedback and personalized content to suit their unique learning styles.

RTI Intelligent Meetings

(Image credit: RTI)

RTI Intelligent Meetings
From huddle spaces to large conference rooms, Intelligent Meetings enables the audio, video, and collaboration needed in today’s hybrid work environment. Compatible with leading video conferencing platforms, Intelligent Meetings makes every meeting an in-person meeting. The ecosystem integrates natively into RTI systems and operates as a stand-alone solution, as well as with other control systems.

Discovery Education Career Connect

(Image credit: Discovery Education)

Discovery Education Career Connect
Career Connect promotes student curiosity by connecting classroom learning to potential careers. Educators request virtual classroom visits from industry professionals, selecting from an array of job types, industries, languages, and locations. Students meet with professionals from industries like biotechnology, science, finance, computer engineering, human resources, education, and more.

TouchMath Extend and Dyscalculia Extension.

(Image credit: TouchMath)

TouchMath TouchMath Extend and Dyscalculia Extension
TouchMath Extend and Dyscalculia Extension aim to bridge mathematical gaps for students who struggle with learning math. Dyscalculia Extension offers a multisensory program, with resources such as math games/tasks, downloadable activity sheets, graphic organizers and dyscalculia-specific strategies. Dyscalculia Extension aligns with DSM-5 standards and integrates into special and general education classrooms. TouchMath Extend is a multisensory math intervention that combines traditional workbooks with digital math games in a 12-week curriculum focusing on skill remediation. Teachers are supported through on-demand video training. 


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