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What are the steps of the scientific method, and what questions are important to ask at every stage? Our free scientific method posters answer these questions and more. Walk through the six steps with your students to help them understand the process real scientists go through, step by step.

Ways To Use the Scientific Method Posters:

  • Make large prints to brighten up your walls.
  • Create stations around the room featuring each poster for students to walk around and learn each step of the process.
  • Hand out individual copies of our one-pager featuring all six steps for students to add to their lab notebooks.

To get the entire full-size poster set, just submit your email on the form on this page.

Step 1: Ask questions

scientific method poster question step

Good questions are at the heart of scientific learning.

Step 2: Research

scientific method posters research step

Students will have to go beyond Google for this step!

Step 3: Hypothesize

scientific method posters hypothesize step

What do students think will happen?

Step 4: Experiment

scientific method posters experiment

Testing, testing, one, two, three …

Step 5: Analyze

scientific method posters analyze step

Time to crunch the numbers.

Step 6: Share

scientific method posters share step

As scientists, we all learn from one another.

Plus, a student one-pager

scientific method student one-pager

The poster set includes a hand-out that students can add to their notebooks to help them learn all six steps.

How To Use the Scientific Method in Your Classroom

Students all the way from kindergarten through grade 12 can benefit from experimenting! It encourages critical thinking and curiosity while also practicing those valuable science skills. Start with a simple science experiment, lab, or demonstration as a class. Then, ask students to complete the steps of the scientific method as outlined on the posters to practice this process that real-life scientists use every day. Dive deeper into the scientific method with experiment ideas for kids of all ages and a full breakdown here.

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