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Free Venn Diagram Template Bundle


A Venn diagram (originally created by John Venn, English logician) is a way to represent and organize sets using overlapping circles. Where the circles overlap indicates how two or three (or even four) things are related. Whether you’re teaching or learning, you’ll need a Venn diagram template at some point. It’s the perfect graphic organizer to show the connection between things, and organize ideas in reading, writing, math, and more.

Grab all eight of our free, printable Venn diagram templates by filling out the form. Plus check out our ideas for using the printables below.

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What’s included in the Venn Diagram Template Bundle?

Our printable bundle includes different types of Venn diagrams to use with your students, including Venn diagrams that support teaching across grades K-12. We provide the Venn diagrams, you design the lesson and what goes in them.

Two-Circle Venn Diagrams

Three Venn diagram templates on a blue background.
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Two-circle Venn diagrams are a classic graphic organizer for visually comparing two concepts. Our free bundles of printables includes two-circle Venn diagrams in black and white and color, as well as with lines to help students keep their writing organized. You’ll also find a page of six small two-circle Venn diagrams, which are perfect for comparing single words and phrases and perfectly sized for pasting into notebooks.

Three-Circle and Four-Circle Venn Diagrams

Three black and white Venn diagram templates on blue background.
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Considering we’re only working with circles, it’s impressive how many Venn diagrams we can make. Three-circle Venn diagrams have three overlapping circles. Four circles create many opportunities for the topics to intersect.

Venn Diagram Templates With Colored Circles

Two colorful Venn diagram templates on blue background.
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You’ll also find a selection of Venn diagrams featuring colored circles to help students further visualize the intersecting ideas.

How To Use Venn Diagram Templates

Venn Diagrams in Reading

Venn diagrams are a powerful tool in reading comprehension. They help students organize information and compare and contrast information in fiction and nonfiction text. More ways to use Venn diagrams in reading include:

  • Comparing words with common prefixes and suffixes
  • Comparing texts by the same author
  • Comparing texts that have a common theme, setting, or characters
  • Comparing passages that are from a genre
  • Organizing information in a nonfiction text that uses a compare-contrast format

Venn Diagrams in Math

In basic math, Venn diagrams are used to teach sets, unions, and intersections. In statistics, Venn diagrams help predict the likelihood of certain outcomes. And in advanced math, Venn diagrams are used to study set theory. Students also learn the basics of reading Venn diagrams as part of charts and graphs.

Venn Diagrams in Science

In science, comparing and contrasting can help students organize information about:

  • Habitats
  • Physical traits
  • Species
  • Elements
  • Body systems

Venn Diagrams in Social Studies

Venn diagrams are used to compare and contrast any topic that students are learning about, from how two leaders approached a conflict to how the economy works. For example, we can compare and contrast:

  • Native American tribes
  • Socioeconomic statuses between countries
  • Country characteristics
  • Locations or groups

Ready to grab your free printable Venn diagram bundle?

Gif featuring a selection of six Venn diagram templates on a blue background.
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Click the button and complete the form to get instant access to your printable Venn diagram templates.

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