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Free Whitepaper: Media Literacy for the Digital Era


With a majority of young Australians unsure about their ability to spot misinformation online, are we doing enough to prepare our students for the ever-evolving future of media, filled with content streams, platforms, screen time, fake news, and generative AI? What do educators need to know to guide their students through this new and unpredictable digital landscape?

This essential whitepaper acts as a critical blueprint to help educators guide students through the complex modern information landscape. It uncovers essential strategies to evaluate sources, recognise biases, and help foster informed decision-making across diverse media platforms.

The whitepaper covers:

•    Innovative strategies to guide students through the complexities of the digital world.

•    Tips and tools to help students critically evaluate information, fostering discernment and critical thinking

•    Media literacy activities designed for students of all ages, promoting knowledge testing, skills practice – and much more

Don’t miss this highly informative whitepaper, download now to read the free report.

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