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Get This Free Middle School Math Game! (Free Printable)


When I taught middle school math, I was always on the lookout for awesome middle school math games. The good ones are elusive! You want it to be easy but also fun enough to grab students’ attention. It has to be versatile. A game isn’t great if you only use it for one unit and then it gets shelved until next year. And if you can play it with the whole class, but it can also be played by just one or two students? Jackpot!

We’ve partnered with Teach to One to create a middle school math game that meets all those requirements. It’s a perfect addition (math pun intended!) for any unit. Sixth grade teacher Joanie B. said, “My students loved the game! They asked to play it again today.”

Math Marathon: Race to 100!

Based on the popular concept of having students create various sums in order to reach a set number, this middle school math game is super versatile. You have the flexibility to use whatever type of equations you’re studying in class. Positive and negative numbers? No problem. Do your students need a review of order of operations? This game works perfectly for that. Want your class to get some extra practice multiplying fractions? Yep, it will work for that too!

Image of student worksheet from the middle school math game, Math Marathon Race to 100
Image of the Reflection Sheet for the middle school math game Race to 100

The download includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide: The guide includes clear, easy instructions that will help you get the game up and running quickly.
  • Game Rules: Pass this out to student groups to help them walk through the steps of gameplay.
  • Game Board: This is a fun place for students to keep track of how each of their equations is getting them to the winning goal.
  • Equation Sheet: Students will write down their equations here, making it a perfect way for you to check their understanding.
  • Reflection Sheet: Perfect to wrap up the activity, this worksheet asks students what they liked and what they found challenging as they played the game.

Discover how Teach to One allows teachers to personalize math instruction for every student. By tailoring lessons to individual learning needs and styles, it pairs seamlessly with traditional teaching methods to enhance your math classroom and support student success.

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