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Leading edtech platform announces major updates


Leading edtech platform announces major updates

Education Perfect (EP), the leading online learning and assessment platform designed to maximise every student’s potential, has announced significant updates to their product and new curriculum aligned content to support the 1.8 million students and 50,000 teachers that use EP worldwide.

“The new teacher experience is a significant product enhancement for our customer base which takes content navigation and class management to a whole new level,” EP’s Chief Product Officer, Matt Adney said.

EP’s new teacher experience, now available to all 5,000 schools using EP, is designed to elevate teacher impact by offering a more cohesive navigation experience and simplified access to learning topics and assigned classwork.

As well as an enhanced interface, EP are also introducing several new features for teachers and school leaders. This includes the new Course Planner tool enabling teachers to plan out EP lessons over the year, in line with their scope and sequence, and mapped to specific curriculum outcomes.

“We know the challenge that teachers have in the current climate and so we are thrilled to be able to announce such a wave of content enhancements,” Emma McAllister, EP’s Chief Operating Officer said.

“EP’s commitment to our customers is that by using our platform they will always be curriculum aligned, and so I’m thrilled to be able to announce these updates.”

EP has announced the release of the following content updates:

Enhancements for Australian curricula

  • Australian Curriculum version 9.0 content updates:
  • 100+ new lessons across all subject areas to cover the newly added curriculum points, including a dedicated unit on ‘Deep Time History of Australia’ for Year 7 History

NSW and Victoria changes:

  • New Senior VCE Psychology lessons
  • Alignment of English and Mathematics content for years 5 to 10 to the new NSW and Victoria syllabuses
  • Significant refresh of English content across years 7-10
  • Updated Decode Mental Health & Wellbeing lessons designed in partnership with Matterworks to include cultural perspectives from culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations communities, providing a more inclusive approach to mental health and wellbeing literacy

Enhancements for the New Zealand curriculum in line with Te Mātaiaho:

  • 100+ new lessons aligned with the new NCEA Level 1 standards in English, Maths, and Science
  • Over 60 new resources, including 14 new Maths Assessments and 50 NCEA Level 1 Science lessons aligned with the new standards

Enhancements for the Ontario curriculum:

  • New Math lessons for Grades 3 through 10 
  • Introduction of a comprehensive DELF examination preparation series for A1, A2, and B1 levels, featuring strategy lessons, practical exercises, and thematic units for DELF skills from Pre A1 to B1 levels, providing extensive support for examination preparation

Enhancements for the Cambridge curriculum:

  • Updated A level Mathematics content and expanded IGCSE triple sciences and English literature course along with new folders for KS3 Mathematics and Science
  • Released practice examinations for IGCSE Chinese

Language updates relevant to all global language curricula:

  • New authentic multimodal visual text lessons  visual text language lessons
  • New Spanish video lessons released

For more information visit www.educationperfect.com

The original version of this media release was published by Education Perfect and has been republished on The Educator with permission.

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