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Lincoln Content Bank Offers Vetted Lessons for Students


Teachers today have access to many teaching resources but often it is difficult to determine which are safe, reliable, and effective for students. That’s where the Lincoln Content Bank comes in. Designed for EK to 12-grade learners, the accessible content hub is home to nearly 110,000 rigorously vetted, carefully -curated, and standards-aligned educational assets.  Teachers can tailor these resources for individual student needs, group dynamics, or even for entire classrooms. 

LMS Integration and Multi-Modal Offerings  

To make things quick and accessible for teachers, the Lincoln Content Bank can be smoothly integrated into an existing LMS an educator uses. Teachers can then pick and choose the resources they need. The learning objects available are autonomous blocks of educational content aligned to specific learning objectives meeting specific national and/or state standards. They present content via multiple modalities, such as asynchronous instructional text, videos, games, or other online and offline activities allowing educators to supplement learning in a variety of styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) to meet the needs of all learners. 

Lesson Planning Made Easy 

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The robust Lincoln Content Bank platform integrates curriculum content effectively, liberating teachers from the demands of generating materials from scratch and allowing them to enrich their classroom offerings exponentially.  The Content Bank features objects from core and elective courses spanning grades EK-12. This allows teachers to infuse new learning material into their existing course loads for supplemental learning, remediation, enrichment, tutoring services, or individualized learning. 

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