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New AI tool gives students instant, tailored feedback


New AI tool gives students instant, tailored feedback

A new AI feedback tool will help teachers quickly identify where students are struggling and what they need to improve.

The AI Powered Feedback Tool, released by Education Perfect, delivers “instant, personalised feedback” using comments and recommendations to help students develop and deepen their knowledge across English, Science, History, Geography and Language learning.

Shane Smith, Co-Founder of Education Perfect, returned to the business to spearhead the new initiative. He says the tool is different from an open-ended chatbot in that it is deeply integrated into existing teaching and learning workflows, “tightening the learning loop for students.”

“Students are progressively coached through the learning process and are supported and empowered to iterate and improve their responses as they build deep understanding of topics,” he said.

Aligned to The Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Schools, educational best practices and in consultation with teachers and students globally, teachers will have insights into student usage patterns, performance, and common misconceptions.

User testing from Education Perfect’s user-base found 92% of students found the AI feedback helpful, 85% learned more and 83% felt motivated to improve their answers.

“Our product has been developed in close partnership with teachers and students and refined to effectively support teaching and learning objectives whilst upholding ethical standards and promoting student success,” Smith said.

“Education Perfect’s vision for AI in education is one where machine, student and teacher work together to achieve the best learning outcomes.”

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