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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Effective Remote Learning With CA Essential Webcam Flex


One common critique of remote learning is that it can sometimes feel impersonal. The CA Essential Webcam Flex is designed to counteract that by making learning more collaborative, effective, and, of course, personal. The multi-function webcam helps teachers do this by living up to the term “Flex” in its name. The webcam camera is mounted on an easy-to-swivel arm that can move to the middle of a monitor or extend out to support the lesson and instruction. This facilitates eye contact with students on video calls and can help teachers share instructional materials. Here’s how. 

Center View

A key feature of the CA Essential Webcam Flex is Center View. This feature allows teachers to easily move the camera’s eye into the center of their screen while minimally obstructing their view of the screen. This makes maintaining eye contact with students watching class easier. Maintaining natural eye contact makes the virtual environment feel more like real life and research suggests it makes participants in video calls more comfortable. Center View users can also position the camera exactly where they want it between a multi-monitor display 

Table View

An image of a person with long hair in front of a computer screen with the CA Essential Webcam Flex set up.

(Image credit: Cyber Acoustics)

This feature lets teachers position the camera looking down directly above their desk. In this way, the webcam functions as an overhead projector and can capture notes or other materials the instructor wants to share with students. For example, if a teacher is doing a math lesson, Table View allows the teacher to walk through step by step, showing students how to complete the task without having to hold papers up or use special software. 

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