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St. Patrick’s Day


Originally published March 2024

St. Patrick’s Day, initially celebrated as the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, has since become an event recognized by people around the world. Popularized by Irish immigrants in North America, it is now known for its lively festivities and fun traditions. As this merry day approaches, why not get into the spirit by reading some Irish-themed books? We’ve gathered 10 new and upcoming titles for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond. From heartwarming stories of Irish culture to thrilling tales of Celtic myths and legends, these sham-rockin’ books are sure to get you and your students in the mood to celebrate.  

Note: Several of the books on this list are from publishing houses in Ireland, but can also be purchased through book outlets in North America.

Black and Irish: Legends, Trailblazers and Everyday Heroes
By Leon Diop and Briana Fitzsimons
Illustrated by Jessica Louis
Little Island Books (October 2023)
Grade Level: 9–12

Made in collaboration with Black and Irish—an organization with the vision to create a more equal and inclusive Ireland—this book is a celebration of Black Irish identity. Featuring actors, activists, scientists and more, Black and Irish highlights the achievements of legends, trailblazers, and everyday heroes across Ireland.

Blackthorn Stables March Mystery: St. Patrick’s Day and the Lost Treasure
By Elaine Heney
Grey Pony Films (January 2024)
Grade Level: 1–6

Emily, Sophie, and Jack have been looking forward to their town’s upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parade for weeks. But on their way to help with the decorating, they find a silver brooch which is rumoured to be from an ancient Spanish ship called the Silver Serpent Schooner. When the broach is later stolen, will the gang and their ponies be able to outsmart the sneaky thief? More importantly, will the broach lead them to the ship’s long-lost treasure? Join the Blackthorn Stables gang in this heart-pounding Irish adventure filled with mysteries, teamwork, courage, and friendship.

The Book of Irish Sporting Heroes
By Adrian Russell
Illustrated by Graham Corcoran
Red Shed (May 2024)
Grade Level: 2–7

Ireland has been home to some truly amazing athletes who put their country on the sporting world map. The Book of Irish Sporting Heroes introduces readers to Olympic gold medalists, Gaelic Athletic Association champions, soccer stars, tennis pros, and more. This is a guide to Irish Sporting history as never seen before.

Clarion Call
By Cayla Fay
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (February 2024)
Grade Level: 7–12

In this second installment of Cayla Fay’s Ravensong series, Celtic mythology again takes centre stage as Neve—an ancient Irish war god whose current reincarnation is that of a teenage girl—fights to protect the world from her dangerous cousin, Aodh. At the same time, Neve is struggling to process memories of her past lives that keep surfacing, while also navigating her new relationship with Alexandria. A delightful blend of queer romance and urban fantasy, this action-packed novel steeped in Irish lore is one that students won’t want to put down.

I Am Thankful / Táim Buíoch
By Shelley Admont
Illustrated by Mohamed Elngar
KidKiddos Books (September 2023)
Grade Level: K–3

This bilingual book, written in both English and Irish, is perfect for students who want to practice their Irish-language skills. In I Am Thankful, kids will learn just how easy it is to be grateful for the little things—from enjoying the warm sun to eating tasty snacks to hugging their favourite teddy bear!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Crayons
By Drew Daywalt
Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Philomel Books (January 2024)
Grade Level: K–2

The green crayon is beyond exhausted and wants a break after carrying a heavy load during Christmas. Except now it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Other crayon friends are trying to help, but what is a leprechaun without green clothes, or a shamrock without green leaves? This charming story makes for a great addition to any junior elementary class’ celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Legends of the Cliffs of Moher
By Eithne Massey
Illustrated by Lisa Jackson
The O’Brien Press (May 2024)
Grade Level: K–4

Introduce children to Irish myths and legends through this beautifully illustrated book. From stories about the lost city of Kilstiffen, to the giant eel of Kilmacreehy, to the mermaid of Moher, and more, young readers are sure to delight in the magic and mysteries contained within these pages.

Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster
By Leona Forde
Illustrated by Karen Harte
Gill Books (September 2023)
Grade Level: 3–6

Milly McCarthy, a ten-year-old girl from Cork, Ireland, wants to win a medal for Irish dancing. The only problem? Her dancing skills are in short supply. So when she gets subbed into a dance show on short notice, it’s no surprise that the performance takes a disasterous turn. With the way things are going, will Milly and the rest of her group will be able to make it home in one piece, let alone win any medals?

The Most Irish Person
By Shelley Corcoran
Illustrated by Angelika Sowul
Currach Books (June 2023)
Grade Level: K–4

In this cheery book, young readers can follow along with Anna and Lucy as they search for the most Irish person in Ireland. Is it Lei celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Galway? Maybe it’s Alfonzo, who is baking bread in Tipperary. Featuring children of all different heritages, The Most Irish Person is a delightful celebration of multiculturalism in Ireland.

Small Town Spirits
By Zack Keller
Illustrated by Gabriele Bagnoli
Dark Horse Books (October 2024)
Grade Level: 5–12

Every year on Halloween, the residents of this small Irish town celebrate the old-fashioned way: with a sporting contest to honour the spirits. And every year, the Flanagan family loses to the O’Dell family. But not this time! Teenager Pad Flanagan is determined to win, even if that means tricking the spirit of a Celtic hero into helping his family train for the event. Unfortunately, by summoning one spirit, Pad accidentally opened the floodgates and now the town is swarmed with ghosts. Uh oh. What’s a Flanagan to do?

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