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Being a school librarian

In the latest ITM Podcast Rob George and Sal Flint reflect on what it means to be an international school librarian and why they love the job so much.

Librarians are perhaps the unsung heroes of international education. They always have a foot in more than one camp, playing both teaching and support roles. Story tellers and administrators, they will lead curriculum and community initiatives and often manage a wide range of physical and digital resources for the school outside the library.

In this edition of the ITM Podcast, we speak to two people who inhabit and have shaped the world of school libraries during their internartional teaching careers. Rob George is the Head of Libraries at the Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur and Sally Flint was Head of Libraries at Bangkok Patana School before returning to the UK.


In their previous lives as teachers, Rob taught Physics and Sal taught English. Just how and why they both became school librarians is a story in itself.

After they made the move, was the job what they expected it to be? What were the challenges and just why did they come to love being a librarian so much?

Love it they clearly do.

And it is that word ‘community’ they keep using, as they explore how the school community finds a place in the library, and how, in turn, the community is shaped by the Library itself.

The ITM Podcast, Talking about . . .  is a Honey to your Ears production, and was produced by Jason Lasky.


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