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Teachers Running for Office in 2024


Education is a hot-button topic this year, and several teachers are running for office. These candidates are all current or former teachers hoping to bring their classroom experience to Washington, DC!

Here are six teachers running for office in 2024.

1. Jon Tester

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Office sought

U.S. Senate, Montana

Why he’s running

Jon Tester of Montana taught music at F.E. Elementary for two years before being elected to the Big Sandy School board. As a former teacher and public school student, he focuses on recruiting and retaining great teachers for Montana, especially in rural areas. His two bills, the Rural Educator Support and Training (REST) Act and the Native Educator Support and Training (NEST) Act provide training, scholarships, and loan forgiveness for teachers working in rural schools. Jon is against school privatization and seeks to give more power to the states regarding education.

2. Kevin Kiley 

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Office sought

U.S. Congress, California’s 3rd District

Why he’s running

The son of a special education teacher, Kiley also spent time in the classroom as a high school English teacher in Los Angeles. While there, he was the English department chair and began an award-winning speech and debate team. After earning his J.D. from Yale University, he worked as an attorney before becoming involved in politics. He is a supporter of school choice and parents’ rights.

3. Marisa Wood

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Office sought

U.S. Congress, California’s 20th District

Why she’s running

Marisa Wood of Bakersfield, California, has taught English at her local school since the late 1980s. As a teacher for over 25 years, she has come to know her students and the community. She feels that Congress needs to prioritize “workers, growers, farmers, teachers, and first responders—not just the super-rich and well-connected.”

4. Anthony Daniels 

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Office sought

U.S. Congress, Alabama’s 2nd District

Why he’s running

Anthony Daniels of Alabama’s 2nd District is a former teacher and employee of the National Education Association. He was elected to the Alabama State Legislature in 2014 and was named Legislator of the Year in 2015. His focus is on better hospitals, stronger schools, and economic relief for small businesses. He is on the ballot for the Democratic primary run-off on April 16.

5. Mark Takano

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Office sought

U.S. Congress, California’s 39th District

Why he’s running

Mark Takano was born and raised in Riverside County, where he became a teacher and was later elected to Congress. As a teacher at Rialto Unified School District, he saw his district’s problems firsthand. In 2013, he was elected to serve as the congressman for California’s 39th district, where he is seeking re-election this year. Takano brings this knowledge to Congress, focusing on reforms he believes will best improve the classroom. His platform focuses on  affordable childcare and pre-K options for all students. He believes that focusing on STEAM will best prepare students for the future.

6. Risie Howard 

via howardforcongress.com

Office sought

U.S. Congress, Arkansas’ 4th District

Why she’s running

Now an attorney, Risie Howard was a science teacher for eight years. After passing the bar, she became a community leader and worked in civil and criminal courts. She is on the Democrat ticket against incumbent Republican Bruce Westerman in Arkansas’ 4th District. She supports additional youth programs and promises to listen to her constituents.

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