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The View from Utah: Leadership, Innovation, and Learning


Tech & Learning’s first-ever Utah Regional Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City brought together leading minds in technology and education to delve into the convergence of innovation, learning, and leadership. Focusing on emerging technologies such as AI, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), esports, and the application of design thinking in educational settings, the conference provided a rich platform for collaboration, exchanging ideas, and actionable insights. 

Tech & Learning partnered with the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology for this pre-conference learning opportunity at the Leonardo Museum.

During the conference, several conversations explored AI’s transformative potential in revolutionizing educational practices. Event emcee Carl Hooker showcased AI-powered learning, instructional ideas, and intelligent content creation tools. Discussions emphasized the importance of ethical AI deployment, data privacy, and ensuring inclusivity in AI-driven educational solutions. Leaders in the field highlighted the need for continuous research and development to harness AI’s full potential in enhancing teaching, learning, and administrative processes.

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One spotlight session by Dr. Shannon Putnam highlighted AR/VR technologies and emphasized the immersive and experiential learning capabilities for learners of all ability levels. Educators shared success stories of using immersive tech simulations for complex subjects, and examples of AR/VR content creation tools were offered, enabling attendees to explore innovative ways to integrate these technologies into curricula. Discussions centered on scalability, accessibility, and the role of AR/VR in fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.

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