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Why some teachers are turning to private tutoring services


Why some teachers are turning to private tutoring services

Research shows that as the population of school-aged children continues to grow, Australia will need more than 391,000 teachers by 2034. One symptom of the current workforce shortage is a rise in the number of out-of-field teachers and the lack of specialist staff, leading to a lower quality of education in critical fields such as literacy, numeracy, and science.

While many families are turning to tutoring services to help their children catch up at school, this sector too has been impacted by shortages.

“The surge in demand for teachers and tutors in 2024 can be attributed to several key factors,” Michael Black, founder of Success Tutoring told The Educator.

“Firstly, the ongoing evolution of education towards personalised learning approaches has underscored the importance of individualised instruction, driving the need for tutors who can provide tailored support to students.”

Black said the global shift towards digital learning platforms and remote education has increased the accessibility of tutoring services, allowing students to access academic assistance from anywhere, anytime.

“Furthermore, the growing recognition of the value of supplemental education in enhancing academic performance and preparing students for future success has fuelled the demand for tutors,” he said.

“Overall, the convergence of these factors has created a fertile environment for the growth of the tutoring industry, driving the increased demand for teachers and tutors alike.”

And Black says the demand for teachers and tutors will only rise in 2024. He is calling on parents to consider swapping their stressful jobs for a rewarding career in tutoring. This, says Black, has the dual benefit of helping to solve the teacher/tutor shortage and achieving financial freedom in a worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Black’s own tutoring service was started from a spare room at his parents’ house in Bossley Park. Today, it is one of Australia’s fastest-growing education franchises.

“We prioritise personalised learning experiences tailored to each student’s unique needs and learning style,” he said. “Our tutors undergo rigorous training to ensure they can effectively support students across a wide range of subjects and academic levels.”

Black said the company’s franchise model also empowers passionate educators to become business owners, allowing them to make a meaningful impact in their communities while also building successful careers.

“By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, we have been able to scale our business while maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence,” he said.

Black pointed to the case study of Sam, a former teacher who felt unfulfilled in his job and longed for a career where he could make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

“After joining Success Tutoring as a franchisee, Sam discovered his passion for education and mentoring,” he said. “Sam found immense satisfaction in helping students unlock their potential and achieve academic success.”

Not only did Sam experience greater fulfillment and job satisfaction, but he also enjoyed the flexibility and autonomy that came with running his own tutoring business, Black said.

“Through his dedication and commitment, Sam has transformed the lives of countless students and families in his community, demonstrating the rewarding nature of a career in the tutoring industry.”

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