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Free Progress Report Parent Letter Template (Customizable)


Teachers know the importance of progress reports, but sometimes families have questions. They might be confused about whether this report is an “official grade” or whether it requires any action on their part. That’s why including a progress report parent letter can be helpful. No time to write one? No problem! We’ve created a free editable Google Docs template you can use. Just fill out the form on this page to grab it.

Tips for Using This Progress Report Letter

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Progress reports are an incredibly important part of a child’s education. They share vital information with students and their families in between more formal report cards with semester or final grades. These reports can help catch struggling students before they’ve fallen too far behind, and create opportunities to celebrate little steps forward and big successes alike.

A progress report typically covers academic subjects, but it may also include social-emotional learning skills, behavior, and other categories. It may provide a rating like “exceeds expectations” or “needs improvement,” a current letter grade, or simply comments that give information about the student’s level of achievement. The key is to provide enough information in the report that students and their families have a good understanding of what’s going well and where they might need to focus extra attention.

Our template provides basic information about what a progress report is. It also includes tips to guide parents and guardians through a discussion about the report with their student. You can edit it as needed to make it more or less specific. It’s a useful tool to help save teachers time while providing families with the helpful information they need.

Get your free Progress Report Parent Letter template!

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Just fill out the form on this landing page to get your free Progress Report Parent Letter. The template is fully editable using Google Docs.

Questions about using progress reports with your students and families? Come ask for advice and discuss in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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